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  • Through the event book
    Ji Yanran looked at him in silence for a moment and sighed, "You.." "If you have made up your mind, then go back to the Yamen with us." "Hello.." The grimace bandit laughed, "I can die for the little moon, but I don't want to die in the hands of the court.". And If I die like this, I will lose a lot of money, and I will have to pull a cushion. Why don't you go to the afterlife with the thief...
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  • Medicine man of the other world
    "If Miss Shafei wore a dress, she would charm a lot of people." "Does that include you, my Lord?" I gathered my hair around my ears. Shafei eyes flow, boldly tease Murong Tian, but the feeling is not artificial, very natural. Murong Tian glared at her towering breasts. "Of course, I promise, any man.". Normal men can't resist the charm of Miss Shafei, and I'm certainly one of them. For Murong...
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  • Whirlwind Dragon
    The man at the top of the temple asked, "Boss Gou, when are you going to do it?" Distant humanity: "After daybreak!" "Well," said the man at the top of the temple, "where is it?" "Lead him to the pavilion in the middle of the West Lake," said the man from a distance. "But we'll have to do it in order." Yin Dingren said, "Gou Sansi, let you do it first. But the fog in the lake is too thick these...
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  • Genius Learning System _ 202002 15155549.
    To Kunlun city jade pool five layer and played five strong good, because strong good can explode special exclusive boss material spirit moon mirror, can continue to refine and strengthen the day Wu armor, so even if the nine phoenix has to refresh, Chen Yang also decided to play another round of strong good again, strong good is still to force, five strong good in addition to the face of a...
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  • Quickly wear the pet into the bone marrow bl
    At the thought that Bai Chen would leave him, Gu Qingan's heart twitched. He could not tolerate Bai Chen leaving him. He wanted to be with Bai Chen forever. When he was kissed passionately by Bai Chen, he felt happy, but while he was happy, he was afraid that it was just Bai Chen's grievance. He was afraid that Bai Chen had misunderstood his feelings for Bai Chen, so that Bai Chen thought that...
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  • Dzi Bead Change-Tang Jiasanshao
    Muen seemed to throw the arrows in disorder, but the arrows seemed to have eyes, and the screams rang out one after another. None of the robbers and archers on both sides of the hillside could escape, and all of them fell to the ground through their throats. [Read the latest chapter.] You know, from both sides of the hillside overlooking their side, there is at least a distance of about 50...
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  • Crossing good things come and go.
    Sacrifice to the Kitchen God, less dust, and soon to the Chinese New Year's Eve. The firecrackers for ancestor worship crackled in the earthquake, and Xiao was afraid that the firecrackers would startle the fetus. He wanted to cover the windows of his house with a quilt. The heat made Shen Muqing laugh. The New Year's Eve dinner opened four tables, Shen Muqing and Xiao Sa set a table in the...
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  • Green Blood Washing Silver Gun-Gulong _ txt Novel Paradise
    Ma Rulong asked her again, "When we were trapped to death, the green fog, of course, was also emitted by you." "That's not fog," said Da Wan. "That's the" green cold smoke "of Jasper Villa. It's thicker than the fog and disperses faster than the fog. Once the cold smoke disperses, nothing can be seen." "Just because you sent out the green cold smoke, they knew there were people from Jasper...
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  • The Ghost Husband of Yin Marriage Is Too Overbearing
    The ghosts around them all retreated to avoid the flames. In an instant, the stench spread, and the snow maggots turned into a pile of black ash. Looking at Miao Xiaoyu's stunned and shocked eyes, Tang Luoyu shook his head with a smile: "Are you afraid?" At that moment, there was a loud noise from the door of the banquet hall. Miao Xiaoyu's eyes suddenly gushed with light. Without waiting for...
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