Whether you're a woman looking to buy a pair of gloves for your self or you're a man looking to buy for a woman or even a man buying for yourself, here is an introduction to what styles are available and what type of leather is best suited to gloves so you avoid buying poor quality.

If you're looking to Buy leather driving gloves then you will want one of these three styles; driving gloves, lined gloves and long length leather gloves. Let's now take review these styles individually and when and where you can wear them:

Apparently the clue is in the title with the traditional purpose of the gloves reserved for driving. However, over we have seen celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Usher and Victoria Beckham and most notably Michael Jackson sporting the accessory. They are seen as much a fashion accessory as a driving aid these days. In my opinion, the fingerless driving glove in classic colours such as black, brown and red epitomise the evolution of this glove.