Gloves lined with cashmere or silk are more understated and traditional glove styles compare with the edgy fingerless leather driving gloves. If you are concerned with elegance as many women are, I would recommend silk lined driving glove over cashmere lined as they maintain the slenderness of the fingers. However, if the sole purpose of your gloves is to keep out the winter chill, then cashmere lined leather gloves can't beaten.

Autumn/Winter 2010 has seen the rise of ladies long leather gloves in the fashion press and they are often seen teamed with capes in neutral colours. Long leather gloves either elbow length or full length opera gloves are an extremely elegant piece and depending on the occasion they can look fantastic with both formal and casual wear. If you are the type of woman who likes these gloves you're presumably a very bold dresser so in terms of colours and styles anything goes as long as you feel comfortable.