The NFL Combine concept is nothing short of recruiting genius! And, the proof is in the pudding of the NFL's spectacular success. Just look at the nfl new explosive growth over the past few decades: in fan base, audience ratings, game attendance, team merchandise sales, etc. NFL results are through the roof by almost every performance measure. Financial success is great, but where's the proof of this recruiting method's efficacy on the field of play? Just turn on your TV on any given Sunday and watch an NFL game. You'll quickly acknowledge the very high-caliber of talent on both sides of the ball. Without doubt, every one of these players at every position is an exceptional athlete, and waiting on the sidelines, are their backups with more of the same high level of talent. This is why you barely notice any fall off in performance when a team's first string player is replaced with a backup player. What does all of this mean? In the NFL, active players are superb athletes who are the product of their God-given aptitudes as proven by their high scores on a variety of skills, abilities, and agility tests conducted by the NFL Combine. The result: Only exceptional athletes with "natural born" talents for playing football are accepted into the NFL.