Martech Interview with Kevin Beales on Conversation intelligence


Sales management platforms are crucial for B2B success bringing convenience to buyers and sellers. In an Martech Interview on conversation intelligence shares views on How do market players address this need? To create customized experiences and content, sellers must be able to access the right learning and sales content to support a highly complex and personalized B2B buying journey. We provide strategic and operational leadership to my team to combine the power of sales enablement with conversation intelligence to pinpoint where deals are being won or lost.


Conversation intelligence technology provides instant feedback and pinpoints areas where reps need improvement, saving managers hours of time and providing coaching to reps whenever they need it. It has three products that deliver the most substantial business outcomes when activated together: Modern Learning, Content Management, and Conversation Intelligence. This is where conversation intelligence (CI) can step in to analyze reps’ practice sessions and pinpoint where improvement is needed. Allego is the future of sales enablement. Our sales enablement, learning, content management, and conversation intelligence products accelerate performance for sales teams.


Allego’s AI-driven sales enablement platform accelerates performance, ensuring sellers have the skills, knowledge, and content they need to drive results in a hybrid world. Allego is the future of sales enablement. Sales enablement platforms should address all seller needs in one platform, including access to learning, content, and virtual selling tools that improve efficiency and impact. Allego provides sales enablement that wins buyers and sellers.


About Kevin Beales - Kevin Beales is the founder and CEO of Refract, an Allego company. He is passionate about providing strategic and operational leadership to his team and positioning Refract as an industry leader in its space.


About Allego - Allego provides a complete sales enablement platform with patented technology that ensures sellers have the skills, knowledge, and content they need to engage buyers in a hybrid world.


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