Have you heard of Edisto golf cart rentals? Are you traveling with your family and you’re not sure how to get around? While you may be coming to the island in a car, there are better ways to explore the island than your personal vehicle! The best way to explore with your family is with a golf cart! Let’s check out the many perks.

Golf Carts are Compact

With all the sights and homes on the island, it can make for some tight streets and parking lots. If you drove to the island in a large vehicle, it can be intimidating to try to explore the island in it. Instead, choosing the compact size of a golf cart is perfect for zipping through town together and parking in tight spaces!

Hold Plenty of People

If you came to the island with your family, you probably want to explore with them. Golf carts hold four or six people, allowing you all to pack into one vehicle and go out for the day! If you opted for a scooter, you wouldn’t be able to all pile into one vehicle, which can be frustrating. Not only is there space for people, but you can pack your bags on the golf cart as well. If you need your beach bags or a picnic lunch, you can pile them in along with your family and set out on a fun day of adventuring.

Golf Carts are Fun!

Let’s face it: driving your car around the island can be frustrating and not enjoyable. So why not opt for a golf cart instead? The open-air style of a golf cart allows you to enjoy the amazing sea breeze while you cruise through town. Plus, they allow for an easy loading and unloading experience, allowing for more time to explore!


If you’re the driver of the golf cart, don’t worry! Golf carts are super simple to drive. They have responsive steering and automatic transmission so if you know how to drive a car, then you’re set with a golf cart. You’ll be comfortable behind the wheel in no time!