Hewlett-wide It is well known that Packard printers can generate text and graphics in either black or colour, scan and copy documents, and print high-quality pictures. Your HP printer could periodically start producing blank pages rather than coloured ones. Normally, no colour printouts will be generated when an ink cartridge in your HP printer runs out of ink. Incorrect printer settings, print head problems, etc. are some more potential reasons of this issue. My Hp Photosmart 6520 Won't Print requires great troubleshooting procedures, which you must be familiar with. If your HP printer is having issues printing black ink accurately or clearly, this guide offers quick remedies.

Why won't my HP 6520 printer print in colour or black and white?

Both in colour and black & white, HP printers can produce excellent prints. Your HP printer might begin producing blank pages when you need to print documents in black and white. Here, you must first ensure that the ink cartridge is loaded with ink. The key causes of your Hp Photosmart 6520 Black Not Printing are the following:

  • The print head is having issues.
  • The ink cartridge's black ink runs out.
  • improper printer colour settings, etc.
  • Utilizing inferior ink might also contribute to this problem.
  • Whatever the underlying source, the issue must be fixed right now.

Does your HP printer keep printing blank pages? Here's a fast solution

The inability of the HP Deskjet, Officejet Pro, Photosmart, and Laserjet series printers to print in black ink may be a problem that we can resolve. Please follow the detailed steps to resolve the issue. You can determine the cause of your HP printer's inability to print documents in either black and white or colour using the solutions provided below.

Step 1: Examine the cartridge

  • Carefully take out the colour ink cartridge by unscrewing the top cover of the printer.
  • Try printing the files once again after changing the black colour cartridge.
  • It's conceivable that the colour cartridge in your HP printer is broken or that the black ink supply is low.
  • The cartridge should hold at least one-fourth of what you now have. Look for the expiration date on the side of the ink cartridge.

If the first method doesn't work for you and the HP 6520 printer won't print in black, you can try the following one.

Step 2: Inspect the print head.

  • Clean the printer print heads since sometimes the problem is brought on by dust particles that move beneath the ink cartridge.
  • Push and hold the "Resume" button six times while maintaining pressure on the "Power" button.
  • Keep your finger off the power button and let your HP printer gently clean the print heads on its own.
  • Your papers ought to be published again. If your HP printer is still printing blank pages, press and hold the "Power" button once more, then click the "Resume" button five times for a more complete cleaning procedure.
  • Print the page once more if necessary.

There is a software/printer driver issue if you are still experiencing problems utilising your HP printer to print documents in black and white or colour. If so, you might wish to reset your printer before attempting to download the driver again from the manufacturer's website.

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