Although Coinbase makes it extremely simple for users to gain access to all its products, features, and functionalities, you may still come across some unavoidable circumstances. When you enter your Coinbase Pro login credentials in the correct manner, you expect it to take you into your account immediately. However, there are some users who get to see the "Sorry, account temporarily disabled" error during the process.

So, in that scenario, what you can try to do is try to find out the correct reason behind the same and get the error eliminated. But, before we step ahead and learn about the procedure to resolve these issues, it is important that we know what this error means.

Why am I being restricted to sign into my account?

When you see the above-said error on your screen, there could be a security-related concern. Coinbase might have applied security restrictions on your account because some suspicious activities might have been registered from your account.

Hence, the only thing that could help you remove this restriction, is the "Coinbase Security" team. Once they lift the restriction, you can go ahead with carrying out the Coinbase Pro login process one more time. However, there are some manual steps that you need to take in case you want the security team to review your account and get the issue resolved.

Steps to remove the Coinbase pro login restriction 

According to me, you first need to ensure that nobody other than you has access to your login credentials or your 2FA method

  • If you suspect some unusual activity, you need to ensure that you immediately reset your account password
  • Get in touch with the Coinbase Support team and let them know about the problem you are facing. When asked, you need to provide them with details such as the details of previous successful Coinbase Pro login attempts, etc.
  • Also, let them know about the transactions that you did not make but appear on your activity statement
  • As soon as you connect to the support team, they will take around 10 days to help you get rid of the problem. Meanwhile, they may ask you for some additional information as well


If you are constantly being restricted to access your Coinbase Pro account despite feeding the correct Coinbase login credentials, then you might get troubled while figuring out what could be the main cause behind this account restriction. Apart from that, if you did know how to get rid of this problem instantly, then I have already discussed the solutions with you. Just try them one by one in the correct sequence. If you are unable to sign in after 10 days as well, then you need to get in touch with the support team again.