There are three types of bets in total:

All others are combinations. The simplest type of bet is ordinary, which does not require extraordinary mental effort from new users.

What is an ordinary
Apparently, the bet of every newbie in the bookmaker office is ordinary. This bet involves the player choosing a certain outcome. If the answer is correct, the coefficient is multiplied by the amount of the bet, and the received number in monetary equivalent goes to the bettor's account.

An example of a classic triple bottom event:

P1 - victory of Team 1 - coefficient 1.20
P2 - victory of Team 2 - coefficient 15.0
X - draw - coefficient - 6.70
Thus, having placed a bet of 100 hryvnias, if the bet wins, we will receive the following winnings:

a bet on P1 will bring us 1.20 * 100 UAH = 120 UAH
a bet on P2 will bring us 15.0 * 100 UAH = 1500 UAH
the bet on X will bring us 6.70 * 100 UAH = 670 UAH
It is also a fairly simple bet that involves combining single bets. That is, if the player decided to bet on several unrelated events at once, they can be combined into an "express" and instead of several separate bets, one can be made.

What is the advantage of express? When bets are made into a so-called express, their coefficients are multiplied among themselves. As a result, the winnings in case of a successful combination of circumstances will be much greater than if the player made each bet separately.

Express is usually suitable for sports where there is a regular tour and the events take place over one or two days.
The disadvantage of the express is that it is quite difficult to guess how all the teams will play. In short, a single failure can ruin all other predictions, even if they turned out to be successful.

However, players have the opportunity to protect themselves. In the express, it is not necessary to bet on victory or defeat. You can place bets on a double result, on the total, on a half, on a match, and so on.

This is probably the most difficult type of betting that requires a lot of experience and practice. The system is express trains in aggregate. To better understand what a system is, it is better to consider an example:

Team 1 vs Team 2 10 – 3.20 – 4.00
Team 3 vs Team 4 32 – 5.00 – 10.5
Team 5 vs Team 6 95 – 3.40 – 3.85
A system is created from these events, after which a bet is made. We need to decide on the winners:

Team 1 will win against Team 2 - 2.10
Team 3 will win against Team 4 - 1.32
Team 5 and Team 6 will play a draw - 3.40

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