Gaming Chair in stock Product Information Gaming chair with mesh back comes with sturdy and long armrests that will ensure proper arm support and reduce stress on your shoulders and back, even if you spend hours in front of the computer. The armrests are made of soft anti-deformation foam and covered with a soft material that makes the chair really comfortable. The seat of the armchair is made of breathable fabric combined with a special foam padding to ensure super comfort. The elasticity of the gaming chair with mesh back is very good. Because the mesh is stretched around the chair to make the mesh jump tightly, people will not collapse when sitting on it, and the body can be well supported, making people at work more relaxed and comfortable. In addition, the net cloth computer chair generally has an adjustable or non-adjustable lumbar support on the back and waist of the chair, so that it can adapt to people of different heights. The lumbar support also has the function of supporting, making people sit more comfortable, and can also relieve people's bad habits of sitting.Gaming Chair in stock website: