The Canon IJ printer installation requires a drive, which is a software or  application for Android devices. printers are the largest wireless printers. A wireless network allows you to connect your devices from anywhere in your office or home. You can also install the printer manually. A USB cable is required for manual installation and a WiFi router for wireless connection. Installing Canon ij is very easy and is described below. 

Wireless Ij Start Canon installation process? 

This process is explained for both Windows and Mac devices through wired and wireless connection setup. To download the Canon ij setup driver or software, do the following: You can use the CD drive to download the drivers. Search for the https //ij start cannon link in your browser. Then click on the link and it will take you to Canon's official page or main page, where you will see the setting options in a red box. Click and then select the printer model  you want to use. Select the model number in alphabetical order. The following page will appear.  On this page, select the device for which you want to download the setup. Then click  the download option. That's it; you have successfully downloaded the driver for canon ij print. 

IJ Setup Starts installing Canon drivers and wireless connection. 

Follow the steps below to wirelessly connect your Canon ij printer to the driver or other device. 

Setup the printer first. Then press the power button on the printer to turn it on. If the green light is blinking, the printer is on. You should now see a setting option or  Direct button to turn on the printer's wireless settings. Press the direct button until the WiFi range is displayed. Alternatively, go to Settings > Wireless Settings > More Settings > Wireless Settings. Then go to Drivers or Software and run the software or driver. Then, agree to Canon's terms and policies. Then click the Install option to continue  the installation process. Installation of the application to the Canon driver will begin.  Then select how you want to connect through your router  and move on. Then find a nearby printer. Then connect to your WiFi router with your router password. The printer then saves the router's password and sends a response. Then click  the On button. That's it; the connection of the printer to the device via driver or software is successful.

Setting up IJ Manually starting the installation of Canon printer 

 Describes how to manually connect the ij-Canon printer to other devices. 

Requires cable or USB cable. Manually connect the printer to the device using the USB cable. Connect the end to the printer and device. Now turn on both  devices. Now go to your device, which is your PC or laptop. Go to the control panel of the device. Printer and scanner are included. Next, add a device that is a printer. 

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