Hello, everyone. Today, we will introduce the model specifications of china smart tuya led ceiling panel light. The following is a small series of summary of this problem.

What does led lamp bead model 3030 mean

3030 refers to the package size of the led lamp bead is 3.0*3.0mm.

The multi-primary color combination should be adopted in the packaging of LED lamp beads, focusing on improving the spectral quantity distribution of LED radiation SPD, which is close to the spectral quantity distribution of sunlight. Attention should be paid to the development and application of quantum dot phosphor to achieve better color quality.

LED beads are the most basic form of LED application, LED packaging of various technologies, methods, processes, equipment, and packaging shape, directly related to the subsequent downstream LED application and application range.

The function of packaging is to provide adequate protection for the chip to prevent the chip from failure due to long-term exposure in the air or mechanical damage, so as to improve the stability of the chip. For LED packaging, it is also necessary to have good light removal efficiency and good heat dissipation. Good packaging can make LED have better luminous efficiency and heat dissipation environment, so as to improve the life of LED.

The luminous mechanism of semiconductor materials determines that a single LED chip cannot emit continuous spectrum of white light, so it is necessary to mix more than two complementary colors of light to form white light. There are three main ways to realize white LED: Blue LED+YAG yellow phosphor, RGB three-color LED, UV LED+ multi-color phosphor, and the realization of white LED is in the packaging link.

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