In the maintenance of TV, it is found that the power supply is abnormal. Because of the complex circuit, it is impossible to determine the fault location at the moment, so we use a resistor (30 ~ 60W power consumption in practice) as the Dummy Load 200W N-Female, connected to the main voltage output end. The line output circuit is disconnected. This can roughly determine whether the power supply circuit fault or line output circuit fault.

Dummy Load 200W N-Female Some TV switching power supply in manufacturers can not work without Load. If other circuits are disconnected, in order to make the power supply work normally, a resistor of comparable power is connected as Dummy Load 200W N-Female. Early vacuum tube loudspeaker, because of the fixed-resistance output, if the output end Load is too small, easy to make the output transformer breakdown, this time we should use Dummy load 200W N-Female resistor connected to the output end. Dummy Load 200W N-Female Electrical resistance stores sell, about a few yuan. Sometimes the Dummy Load 200W N-Female is replaced by a bulb with appropriate power, but the resistance value is not as stable as the resistor.

Dummy Load 200W N-Female is a component, component, or installation that substitutes for a terminal to receive electrical power at a circuit (such as an amplifier) or electrical output port.

Let's say you want to develop a device that drives an electric motor. You want to stop testing your device to see if it works, but you don't have the motor to stop testing. You can use a Dummy Load 200W N-Female instead, let's say resistor or inductor, power is equal, stop the experiment. Of course, you have to stop the test on the real load.

The fundamental request for Dummy Load 200W N-Female is to match the acceptable power impedance. An informal load used temporarily, usually when debugging or testing machine performance. Dummy Load 200W N-Female can be divided into resistive load, inductive load, capacitive load, etc. The Dummy Load of high frequency transmitting circuit 200W N-Female mainly allows the frequency, matches the impedance, and can accept the transmitted power.

Dummy Load 200W N-Female