The closed wound drainage system is excellent and stable, and can be widely applied in various fields. Today, let's introduce where its excellent sealing property can be used.

1, suitable for food grade packaging

In any country/region, all ingredients or ingredients used in the use of food related products must be food contact certified. Terifon Food Grade TPE conforms to FDA food system certification. It is resistant to n-hexane, alcohol and acetic acid and can be directly contacted with food. In addition to TPE excellent sealing, sealing strip or gasket, can be widely used in crisper sealing strip, bottle cap gasket, bottle stopper, oral liquid and high-grade health care product packaging.

2, suitable for medical packaging

Due to the particularity of medical treatment, TPE must meet the corresponding regulatory standards. Terifon medical grade TPE has passed cytotoxicity, hemolysis test, sensitization test, chemical detection of drug compatibility and stability, etc. The product has a high purity, and can be used in syringe pistons, catheters, large infusion gaskets, etc. Excellent sealing can ensure the effectiveness of drugs, not volatile, etc.

3, suitable for sealing cars, doors and Windows

Sealing materials such as cars, doors and Windows are easy to process, good weather resistance, small compression permanent deformation, delicate appearance, low odor, no halogen, environmental protection, safety and non-toxic, no heavy metals, recyclable and recycled, meet the environmental requirements of SGS, REACH and other environmental protection, TPE excellent sealing for everyone to create a secure living environment.

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