As it constantly undergoes multiple changes together with the assistance of fan feedback, WOTLK Classic Gold developers have banned an absurd quantity of Death Knights. In an effort to combat the continuing World of Warcraft bot problem the community is constantly on the shine and easy on, Blizzard's latest ban wave carries a plethora with the original hero class inside the MMO.

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When World of Warcraft entered the Wrath with the Lich King Classic era, all players were capable to create a Death Knight character no matter how far along that they had progressed through Azeroth beforehand. Because Death Knights start their World of Warcraft journey at level 55 and escape their starting zone at level 58, the course has become a priority for bots and gold farmers alike. With many World of Warcraft players spotting these bots in Classic era and Burning Crusade era dungeons, Blizzard has brought an action to limit the usage of Death Knights in the future.

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In the state-run Blizzard forum blue post, Blizzard confirmed it banned nearly 120,000 "malicious" accounts that have been abusing the Death Knight's capacity to reach late-game resources with little gameplay required. Though all of these accounts were accused of botting, some were violating other aspects of the in-game ecosystem, with most of the issues seemingly associated together with the Death Knight class. Based on these worrying statistics, Blizzard has reactivated the pre-requisite to a World of Warcraft Death Knight, demanding players to arrive at level 55 on another character before unlocking the hero class.

Although Blizzard originally created for any World of Warcraft Classic player to be able to build a Death Knight at Wrath on the Lich King's Classic launch, the computer has been botted enough to implement the limitation that has been part of its original release. The 120,000 banned accounts with this latest World of Warcraft Classic purge don't are the standard actions based on Blizzard which cause thousands of bans automatically, for instance harassing in chat and other terms of service violations. The sheer variety of accounts banned for abusing the Death Knight's quick usage of expensive materials and World of Warcraft botting highlight the injury that some players happen to be able to cause on Classic servers.

Given that the wotlk classic gold store botting problem had gotten out of hand in line with many players, most in the Classic community have expressed their support due to this Blizzard decision. Though some players have a harder time finding groups for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade dungeons after these Classic era changes, the general benefits should help balance the in-game economy.