wholesale inflatable laryngeal mask is a special type of ventilator, The front end of the ventilator is connected with a flat long sleeve made of silicone rubber, whose size is just enough to cover the larynx, so it is known as the wholesale inflatable laryngeal mask ventilator. It is mainly composed of hood bag, ventilation main (including support wire), machine end joint (optional standard joint or tee joint), to the valve, guide rod (optional).

Notes on the use of wholesale inflatable laryngeal mask

(1) Please use within the validity period, after which it is prohibited to use.

(2) This product is only disposable, the packaging is damaged, it is strictly prohibited to use.

(3) Select appropriate models and specifications of products according to patients' age, gender, physique and use needs.

(4) Avoid excessive pressure in wholesale inflatable laryngeal mask.

(5) Avoid contact with sharp objects to prevent cover damage.

(6) The medical personnel who use this product must undergo professional training, and destroy it after use according to the hospital or environmental protection requirements.

(7) Store in dry, ventilated, away from light, avoid contact with harmful substances.

(8) Do not contact with electron beam or laser beam, avoid contact with harmful substances.

(9) The patient's thoracic motion should be observed and bilateral alveolar breathing sounds should be heard to determine the ventilation effect and end expiratory carbon dioxide monitoring. If no fluctuation or amplitude of fluctuation is found in the chest or air leakage sound is heard, the wholesale inflatable laryngeal mask should be pulled out immediately and re-inserted after sufficient oxygen supply.

(10) During positive pressure ventilation, the airway pressure should not exceed 25cmH20, otherwise it is easy to leak or gas into the stomach.

(11) Reconfirm whether the wholesale inflatable laryngeal mask is smooth when the position of the patient's head or neck changes.

(12) Double-cavity drainage should be used with dental pads.

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