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About the system 

DBMS is basically a computerised data-keeping system. A system user can perform different operations on a similar system to manage the database structure itself or manipulate the data in the database. 


The keys to using a database management system are collecting the requirements for the database and translating them into a database design; it also helps create the database from the design, load data into the database, and finally perform manipulations of the database. 

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Understanding the system 


Understanding the databases involves learning a lot of theories like rational and hierarchical databases, normalisation, and many different query languages like SQL, TSQL, and Oracle. In addition, one must understand different DBMS applications like MySQL, FoxPro, dBase, Microsoft Access, and others. 


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Types of general databases 

Without knowing these, you will be unable to proceed further as the subject needs detailed knowledge. 

 There are quite a few types of database management systems. Below you can find some most common database management systems in practice: 


  • Hierarchical databases 
  • Network databases 
  • Relational databases 
  • Object-oriented databases 
  • Graph databases 
  • ER model databases 
  • Document databases 
  • NoSQL databases 


Benefits of DBMS 

 The concept of utilising the database management system in business was first proposed years ago. However, the most interesting part is that it is still quite popular among businesses today, only for its benefits. 


The significant benefits of DBMS are: 


  • Data Integrity 
  • Data consistency 
  • Data Backups 
  • Data Security 
  • Customisation of Applications 
  • Data Accessibility 


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