There are a few aspects and criteria that need proper consideration while examining the most basic and foundational and determining which ones are the greatest match on a certification route. Although there are numerous free cyber security certifications courses available online, those looking for a cyber security certifications more extensive and higher level of career foundation may consider paying a few sums of money and proceed with certifications. Often the best cyber security certificates for beginners will cost less than USD400, demand no more than two years of expertise, and only require passing one test. Additionally, they won't require any particular training to be performed in advance. Remember that some tests demand proven work experience in the cybersecurity industry or sponsorship from someone who is already in the industry, so those would not be considered entry-level. Since being certified and landing a job quickly is our aim, we also want to take a route that requires the least amount of time and effort.


 Here we will discuss the multiple options that are available to begin acquiring cyber security certifications on the most basic level.

Best basic Cyber Security Certifications

CompTIA's Network+ and Security+


Because they are well-respected, only need to pass one exam to acquire, and do not have a minimum experience requirement, CompTIA's Network+ and Security+ are the initial stages on our route to cybersecurity. The Network+ now incorporates a significant amount of network security information, such as cyber-attacks and systems hardening principles, in addition to covering fundamental computer networking concepts like routers, switches, and protocols.  The Security+ addresses network basics like switches and routers as well as fundamental security ideas like cyberattacks and system hardening. 


CompTIA CySA+ or Cisco CCNA


Once more, two qualifications in one step? Absolutely. Keep in mind that there are many distinct sectors and job opportunities in the vast topic of cybersecurity. Additionally, since some of us had differing opinions on whether to take the Network+ exam in the first place, we need and want flexibility. The Cisco CCNA is a good next step if you have already studied for and passed the Network+ exam and are considering a career as a computer network administrator, network security analyst, or in a related field. It is not security-based but has significant overlap with Network+.


CompTIA PenTest+ or CompTIA Linux+


The CompTIA Linux+ is a good certification that can be obtained in a single exam without a lot of experience and will serve to start validating your specialty skills in a very valuable area—Linux. It is not the most well-known or respected Linux certification, but it is a good certification nonetheless.  It is affordable, simply calls for passing one exam, and does not call for verified field experience. 


You can start to specialize in a lucrative field, penetration testing, with the help of the PenTest+. It is a solid first step even if it won't earn you a penetration testing job on its own.


Fundamentals of Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Security


The MTA Security Fundamentals certification is the most "entry-level" of the ones mentioned in this article. The MTA Security Fundamentals recognize the understanding of key security principles as well as the fundamentals of the operating system, network, and software security. It is aimed at high school and early college students, as well as individuals in the workforce who are wishing to change careers. You must pass a single exam, which costs $127, to get certified.


Microsoft advises that you have some practical expertise with Windows Server, Windows-based networking, firewalls, and other common security technologies to increase your chances of earning the MTA Security Fundamentals certification.


Certificate in Cybersecurity Fundamentals from ISACA


People in the security sector are familiar with ISACA thanks to such venerable credentials as its Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), and related qualifications, all of which provide intermediate to advanced credentials. The ISACA certification program recently added the CSX Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate, which was created to cover the entry-level gap. This certificate covers five cybersecurity-related domains: ideas; architecture principles; network, system, application, and data security; incident response; and security of emerging technologies. It is intended for recent post-secondary graduates and those looking to change careers.

 While those are the basic cyber security certifications, there are also free cyber security certifications online that both beginners and professionals alike can avail themselves of and acquire certification. 

A Few Free cyber security certifications

Cybersecurity and IT Introduction with Cybrary IT


This free training on IT and cyber security lasts for 4 hours and 21 minutes and is ideally suited for newcomers. To familiarise students with the topic, the course concentrates on the four IT and cybersecurity disciplines.


Systems management, network engineering, incident response, and forensics, as well as penetration testing and offensive security. This is one of the best free cyber security certifications online courses which was developed specifically to help those who are still confused about their future job path. Participants in this course will get exposure to progressive learning by engaging material in a logical and user-friendly order.


Mobile and Application Security with Cybrary IT


This is yet another top-notch free online certification course in cyber security provided by Cybrary. Mobile app security is one of the cybersecurity industry's fastest-growing specialties, and this brief course provides students with a great introduction to it. The goal of the free cyber security certification course is to educate students who have little to no prior knowledge of mobile app security.


Get your career started with some of these best cyber security certification courses.