Unexpectedly, all the Taoist priests, including Fang Xiao, Fang Zheng, and Fang yuan, were silent, and no one asked about the origin of the exercise. By the side of the three old Taoists, the bearded Taoist had a look of jealousy in his eyes, which soon flashed away. The test of Lingtai Hall always made Lin Junxuan feel very strange and strange. Master Songyu should be one generation lower than Fangyuan in terms of seniority, but in front of the elders in the temple, he had no respect for Fangzheng, Fangyuan, and Fangxiao, and the others, including the headmaster, did not say anything. It was simply inconceivable in this well-behaved Fangcun sect. What really surprised Lin Junxuan most was the master of Fangcun Zong. As the master, he should have said nothing and absolutely controlled the situation. But the fact is that Lin Junxuan felt that the master of Fangcun Zong was taking a laissez-faire attitude at the moment. From the beginning to now, what he said could be counted on one's fingers. At that time, I didn't know what had happened, which led to this situation today. Looking at the appearance of those granduncles, it seemed that they felt more guilty about the master. Otherwise, they would never have taken such an impartial and indifferent attitude,Magnetic Drain Plug, or even pretended to be deaf and dumb for some excessive actions. There was a dead silence in the hall. After a while, Fangzheng finally said, "Headmaster, no matter what, we always think that we must investigate this disciple of Songyu. Moreover, he has joined our Fangcun Sect.". Then the formula on his body also belongs to our Fangcun Sect. We suggest that this formula must be made public, recorded by the elders of Neizong Library Pavilion, and included in the Library Pavilion. Although Song Yu said that he helped his disciples get through the acupoints,car radiator cap, it was amazing that he could achieve such success in three years. If necessary, it is best to make this formula public in the sect and let all disciples practice it! I suggest that after this recording, I can let my disciples test it. Dongfang Yu, Song Siming and others are not much worse than him. It's best for them to practice. "Come, really is a good excuse," Lin Xuanxin way, the only unexpected, is Dongfang Yu, Song Siming is actually the door of these three Taoists. But think about the generations of Fangzheng, Fangyuan and others, the masters of Dongfang Yu, Song Siming and others should be his disciples. Master, I have something to say. At this time, Lin Junxuan finally opened his mouth. As soon as Lin Junxuan opened his mouth, everyone else's eyes fell on him. In the temple, deep draw stamping ,CNC machining parts, everyone's eyes fell on the young man who had been neglected by them before. There was a look of surprise in the eyes of the eight Pai Mei Lao Dao. This young disciple, in front of so many elders, was able to defend himself with a calm expression. Not bad, not bad. It's just a pity. "You say it." Under the portrait of the Patriarch, the head of the Fangcun Sect nodded. Master, I would like to ask, is there any rule in Fangcun Sect that stipulates that Fangcun cannot learn the Taoist formula and method outside the sect? Lin Junxuan said calmly. This is not the case, and some of the disciples in the clan also threw themselves into the mountain gate with their family's unique learning. Like your Yueqing Shibo's Taoist formula, it's not my Fangcun Zong. "The head of Fangcun Zong nodded and Xu Sheng said." Master, disciple, there is one more thing. Is there a rule in the sect that all the disciples who practice Taoism must report to the inner sect and then enter it into the library? Lin Junxuan said again. A smile finally appeared on the face of the head of Fangcun Sect. He stroked his beard and said, "Fangcun Sect is a Taoist sect. I don't care about this.". Although there are many rules in the clan, to sum up, there are only six words: 'Do not deceive the teacher and destroy the ancestor'! ". ' Novel-txt Paradise Volume 5 Chapter 32 Dao Jue Storm (Part 2) [Third Watch] Back to the master, the younger generation has nothing to say. Lin Junxuan bowed and stepped aside, and Songyu patted him on the shoulder and looked at him approvingly. On this question, Lin Junxuan came forward more than he did. In the main hall, all the old Taoists looked at each other. Lin Junxuan's questions seemed to be nothing. Every word went straight to the core, completely avoiding the suggestions put forward by Fangyuan, Fangzheng and Fangxiao, and shifting the topic to the rules of the clan. Do you have to hand in the formula? Is there such a rule in Zongzhong? If you want to be expelled from the sect, is there a rule in the sect that you have to be expelled from the sect if you practice the Taoist formula outside the sect? No matter how reasonable it is, it is useless if it does not conform to the rules. "What a sharp-tongued boy!" Fang Xiao glared at Lin Junxuan. He suddenly stepped forward, turned around, and handed his hand to the steps. "Headmaster, the request made by Fang Xiao and the other three is reasonable and reasonable. After all, this is a major event that concerns the root of our Fangcun sect. Can't we tolerate horses! Moreover, there is a decision in the sect, for the disciples, especially the disciples of the inner sect, we must investigate their origins! Fang Xiao suggested, immediately find out the origin of this Lin Junxuan, and verify, if his origin is right, then this matter is purely a misunderstanding. If not. It must be abolished and driven out of the mountain gate. "It is true that there is such a rule in the sect. Anyone who joins the inner sect must know the origin of his disciples within three months.". However, since you three suspect his action, you can advance the investigation. Master Fang Cun cast his eyes on Lin Junxuan and said, "Junxuan, come forward." "Yes, Headmaster." Lin Junxuan took a few steps forward. Let me ask, where is your hometown? Fangcun Headmaster Road. Lin'an City. Lin Junxuan said that he had already considered this question. After crossing, he came to Linan City. He was only four years old at that time. Although he was not born in Linan City, according to this age, he was counted as Linan people. Linan City. Hearing this promise, Master Fang Cunzong frowned thoughtfully and did not ask any more questions. It's the city of Lin'an. Fangzheng, Fangxiao, Fangyuan three people looked at each other, Lin Junxuan answered that any side would not surprise them, is this side. There was a look of sympathy in the eyes of the other Pai Mei Taoist. Songyu looked at Lin Junxuan with some surprise,car radiator cap, and he did not expect that Lin Junxuan actually came out of that side. Lincheng was refined into a city of death by the Evil Mind Sect, and all the people in the city died. This matter has already spread all over the world. If Lin Chun-hsuan had come from that place, there would have been no way to find out. But the Linan city where Ziyi Hou Fu is located? A white-browed Taoist spoke. Uh Lin Junxuan nodded his head. autoparts-dx.com