Jin Shisan's eyes flashed a trace of cold awn and in a twinkling of an eye they returned to normal "Evil ancestor" he said in a charming voice "why are you doing this We belong to the same way how can we have some affection With a cold hum Tianqin looked at Li Tian in the main seat and said "Affection This word doesn't exist in our evil ways at all" Between us there is only the relationship of mutual use Li Tian stood up and said to Li Feng "Feng go out first" No one is allowed to disturb me and the two suzerains without my orders "Yes godfather" said Li Feng respectfully Turned around and exited the cave He raised his big hand and sealed off the grotto with three prohibitions

"What are you doing here today" He asked Tianqin Tianqin said lightly "Lord Litian you seem to be very dissatisfied with me" There was a trace of anger in his eyes "I'm Cosmetics Materials not dissatisfied Didn't you say it very clearly last time" However the last few times I sent someone to the Evil Sect to invite you to discuss the attack on Wuzhao Immortal they were all turned down by the crow If you look down on my Demon Sect you will draw a clear line between us in the future After listening to Li Tian's words Jin Shisan stepped aside and stared at the evil ancestor with the eyes of a good play to see how she answered Tianqin said indifferently "I didn't come because I looked down on you" I'm not in the Evil Sect at all I just returned today "You're not in the Evil Sect" said Li Tian Tianqin nodded and said "Not bad" For the sake of our action against Wuzhao Immortals I went to Xianzhao Mountain specially to find out the actual situation of each other It was a complete lie but if she said it in her capacity she and Jin Shisan would naturally not suspect anything Li Tian's expression softened a lot and he said "Tell me about the situation of the Five Immortals When should we attack them" Tianqin sighed lightly and said

"It was a mistake that we failed to destroy Lianyunzong this time" The action of Wu Zhaoxian was cancelled Li Tian flew into a rage "Cancel" You cancel it with one word Evil ancestor I tell you I hate people who go back on their word Tianqin took a cold look at the sky the cold light in his eyes pierced the sky through the blood fog and the sky shivered and took a step back subconsciously "I warn you" said Tianqin proudly "to be polite to me in the future I am not your subordinate No one can speak to me in this tone No wonder you can't unify the evil way when the Demon Sect is at its strongest Your temper is the fatal root You have emotional fluctuations without thorough understanding You are not as good as a shemale I tell you everything I do is for evil Li Tian hesitated for a moment Under the pressure of Tianqin's powerful momentum he gradually calmed down Tianqin was right His impulsive temper really caused great losses to the Demon Sect Jin Shisan frowned and said "Evil ancestor can you stop calling me a shemale Don't I have a name" Tianqin snorted coldly and said GlobalChemMall "You are neither male nor female

What are you if not a shemale" Jin Shisan I also warn you that if you come here today to provoke the relationship between me and him then you are wrong Cold light under the power of Tianqin Jin Shisan could not help but change his face and step back a few steps in succession The mental impact on him was far more intense than that on the sky When Li Tian questioned himself just now Tianqin understood a lot With her relationship with Li Tian if Jin Shisan hadn't instigated something Li Tian would never have spoken to himself with such an attitude Li Tian's face changed and he said "That's enough It was my fault" Evil ancestor I want to hear what happened when you went to Wuzhao Immortal this time Tianqin did not embarrass Li Tian any more She said indifferently "Our failure to attack Lianyunzong has led to the vigilance of Zhengdao Now Zhengdao sects are United to help each other and are ready to meet our attack at any time" As you know in the battle against Lianyunzong we lost a lot of masters and our vitality has been damaged As far as I know at least there are scattered immortals in Wuzhao immortals If we attack rashly I'm afraid there will be a danger of total annihilation

The right way is not a fool Do you want to enter their ambush Li Tian took a deep breath and said "Are you sure there are scattered immortals in Wuzhao Immortal" "Yes" said Tianqin "I'm afraid that Sanxian has the cultivation of three turns and forty-nine days His strength will never be inferior to mine You also know that the scattered immortals of the right path have the perseverance of breaking Dan to resist the enemy at any time It is already overloaded for us to destroy only one Wuzhao Immortal Besides there are other sects The Dharma of Brahma and Lotus is not so easy to deal with Li Tian and Jin Shisan looked at each other and they nodded subconsciously Tianqin went on to say "When I came Detergent Chemicals here just now I saw that Li Feng had a conflict with the mutant" You are all well informed and naturally you know that mutants have been very active recently The root of our evil path is unstable and there is the possibility of a fire in the backyard at any time Do you think that under such circumstances we still have the strength to fight against the right path Jin Shisan's face changed and he said "a mutant"

These hateful guys have been harassing me a lot recently I have sent a large number of experts to encircle and suppress them but these bastards are so cunning that they can't find any of them when they want to find them "Mutants are indeed a problem" said Li Tian "Tens of thousands of years have passed and their vitality should have been restored long ago I just don't know how many lord-level mutants exist If the number is more than ten it's not so easy to deal with Tianqin said solemnly "The Mutant Lord is not weak but he is much worse than us" What I'm worried about is the mutant king Li Tian and Jin Shisan lost their voices at the same time and said "King of Mutation" Tianqin nodded and said "Yes it's the King of Mutation" If there is a mutant king I'm afraid the mutants will pose a great threat to us Ten thousand years have passed Who said that there is no new king among the mutants The Mutant King has a myriad of abilities It's hard to say whether we can deal with it Li Tian nodded solemnly listening to Tianqin mention the mutant queen he no longer had a trace of doubt even Jin Shisan nodded in agreement Faced with the mutant who can threaten the whole evil way they have no time to fight for anything "Evil Ancestor" said Li Tian "are you sure there is a mutant king" 。 globalchemmall.com