With an embarrassed look on his stuffy face, Yan Tong did not expect that the commander of the army would intentionally mention his own and his own disgraceful experience at the beginning, which was closely guarded by others, but the commander of the army seemed to like to show off everywhere, as if it was not glorious to enter the Imperial Military Academy for further study as a bandit. Seeing some embarrassed looks on his subordinates' faces, Helian Bo couldn't help laughing: "Old Yan, what's that?"? Didn't you just be a bandit for a while? At that time, it was also the government that forced the people to rebel. We were also making a living. When His Highness the King of Qin came, we all surrendered obediently. This is called the return of heroes to the Ming Lord. There is such a scene on the stage. Yan Tong could not bear to refute his superior's random quotation, so he had to turn his head to one side and change the subject: "Commander of the army, it seems that this Qingyang Mansion is getting better and better year by year. Such a precipitous and solid wall is worthy of being the seat of our Western Regions Frontier Command. With this wall standing on the northwest land, no one dares to attack Qingyang." "Well, Qingyang Prefecture is now the seat of the Western Frontier Command, so the city wall must be much higher than the ordinary prefectures and counties. In addition, it leads to the Tengger Grassland and the Western Regions,silk ficus tree, as well as to North Luzon. This can also show the power of our Western Frontier." He Lianbo glanced at it casually and answered, "But in my opinion, the economic function of Qingyang as a commercial and transportation hub in the west of Xinjiang is gradually strengthening, but the political function of Qingyang as the seat of Dadu Frontier Command is weakening, and it has been gradually replaced by Hanzhong. Although the Government Administration, the Foreign Affairs Administration and the Legal Affairs Administration are still working here,fake ficus tree, the Military Affairs Administration has moved to Hanzhong." It is said that it is to better plan the strategic deployment of the interior of the empire. Yes, subordinates also heard that at the beginning of Qingyang and Hanzhong in order to fight for who is the real center of the western border also triggered a very fierce dispute, it is reasonable to say that the western border should choose Hanzhong as the center, after all, the basic conditions of all aspects of the Kansai are far stronger than the northwest, plus as we continue to expand the region of the western border south, the center of gravity of His Highness the King of Qin Hanzhong's role is irreplaceable, especially after the peninsula area falls under our control, this situation is even more obvious, if Qingyang is chosen as the center, it will be quite inconvenient for communication and the issuance of government and military orders. At the beginning, silk cherry blossom tree ,faux grass wall, His Highness the King of Qin took this compromise because he was nostalgic and unwilling to be regarded as liking the new and hating the old, but in fact it didn't make much sense. By virtue of its geographical and resource advantages, Qingyang can become the transportation and trade center of Western Xinjiang at the intersection of the central and eastern continents, and its strategic position and significance are not necessarily reflected by becoming the seat of the Western Frontier Command. He Lianbo was stunned by the talk of his subordinates. No one in the legion could surpass him in military planning. He didn't expect to be able to have such foresight and sagacity in civil affairs, which was beyond his expectation. Old Yan, it seems that our family recommended you as the chief of staff of our second legion is not wrong, if Ling Bo two adults do not agree, I will say this to them, let them see the talent of our second legion, I am afraid even the two of them may not have such a profound view. He Lianbo wiped his mouth thoughtfully. Jiangshan Beauty Records Chapter 2 Gas Swallows Thousands of Miles Chapter 6 Hegemony Section 60 Talents Everywhere (1) [Section 61 Talents Everywhere (2)] Although there was no change in Yan Tong's face in the face of his army commander's praise, his tone was somewhat frightened: "Yan Tong was killed by the army commander's words. Yan Tong just had a feeling. When he chose who was the center of Western Xinjiang, your Highness was afraid that he had already made a plan. It was just an expedient measure to balance the civil disputes." The Western Frontier Command and even the Prince of Qin are only temporary names. Your Excellency has not seen the place under the jurisdiction of the Western Frontier Command, which can be summed up by the word "Western Frontier". It is probably the name of the place where His Highness the King of Qin made his fortune. When your Highness ascended the supreme position, whether Qingyang or Hanzhong will no longer be suitable as the center of the whole territory, so this temporary move can also maintain the hearts of the people. ” "Yan Tong, Yan Tong, I think your eloquence is getting better and better, how to say you are reasonable, but I'm afraid the ambition of His Highness the King of Qin is not what you and I can see." Seeing the other side's somewhat puzzled eyes looking at him, Helenbo considered his words and then said slowly: "Maybe everyone thinks that your Highness will follow his steps step by step to unify the empire and build a new imperial Dynasty, but I don't think so." "Oh?" Yan Tong's heart was shocked, he did not think that he had some bold predictions but did not get the other side's great approval, he could not think of the hidden meaning of the other side's words for a moment, but after a little aftertaste, he soon understood the rather far-reaching meaning. "Does your excellency mean that your Highness will not unify the empire and ascend the throne, or will your Highness move to other places?" "Oh, Lao Yan, what do you think?" He Lianbo did not answer the other side directly, just a sly smile, "look at your Highness in such a tense situation also refused to relax the control of the Tengger grassland, you can think about one or two.". Then look at the performance of the army led by Ying Jianming in India and why it attracted the anger of His Royal Highness the King of Qin, and even ordered Mi Feng, director of the Military Law Department, to personally lead his troops to deal with it. I'm afraid it's not as simple as rectifying military discipline, is it? Yan Tong's face changed slightly,silk olive tree, and he lowered his voice carefully and said, "Your Excellency means that your Highness will still fight against India."? But now that India has obeyed us, what reason do we have to March? 。 hacartificialtree.com