Wu Na felt that she had been hit again. What did she hear? The boss asked for snacks! No, wait, the boss is not the only one here. The snacks must be for the young people on the sofa. Their boss is wise and powerful. She is a workaholic. She has worked in the headquarters for such a long time. Has she ever seen the boss bring someone who is not related to the work to the office and let that person play games with his tablet. The relationship between the young man sitting on the sofa and the boss must be unusual. Now is not the time to think, Wu Na pressed down all kinds of ideas in her heart, to get snacks for the boss. Mo Yanzhi is very familiar with Li Shu's taste, he gave Wu Na a few snack names, Li Shu likes to eat at ordinary times. Two people get along with time is not much, Mo Yanzhi can accurately judge Li Shu likes, such a situation is not the first time. Just after passing a checkpoint, Li Shu moved his knuckles and narrowed his eyes slightly. If this is simply a coincidence, Li Shu is not believed, some hobbies he did not even show in front of Mo Yan, but the other side knows clearly, in addition to possessive point, the more get along, Li Shu can feel a sense of familiarity from the other side. He wanted to find out where the familiarity came from, and he already had a general answer in his mind, but the tone of 1314 was so positive that he was so confused that he dared not really be sure. Stay in Mo Yanzhi's side, acquiesce in the relationship between the two, is to find out what is the connection between Mo Yanzhi and Qi Mingxuan. 1314 said that the two souls fluctuated differently and could not be the same person. At first, Li Shu also thought that this conjecture was very strange. The world he crossed was not on the same time line, but on different planes of time and space, unless Mo Yanzhi was in the same situation as him, but 1314 denied this conjecture after many explorations. So, what's the relationship between you? Am I thinking too much, or. Mo Yanzhi looked up and saw Li Shu looking at himself, his eyes were out of focus,automated warehouse systems, and he seemed to be looking through him into the void. At this moment, there was a panic in his heart. Li Shu was clearly beside him, but he had an illusion that he would lose this person at any time. No, this is not necessarily an illusion, Mo Yanzhi suddenly remembered that Li Shu was the same, through him looking at another person, this time. Think of that person again? Although unwilling, but Mo Yan's heart has long admitted that Li Shu has a favorite person, he and the person he likes may have some similarities, although he does not want to admit, but he always feels that he can be with Li Shu, and this similarity can not escape the relationship. He was so jealous that he didn't dare to show it on his face. He wanted to say to Li Shu that he had forgotten that the man was with me, but he was afraid that after saying this, he and Li Shu could not even maintain their relationship now. Shu Shu is tired? Would you like to have a rest in the inner room? Silently looked at the man's handsome face for a while, heavy duty metal racking ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, Mo Yanzhi could not help but open his mouth. Moshi is rich and powerful, the whole office building is the office area of Moshi headquarters, and the president's office is incredibly large, with all kinds of equipment, including bar, coffee machine, small fitness area.. Naturally, there is also a special lounge. Before knowing Li Shu, Mo Yanzhi spent most of his time in the office. During this period, he went to and from work on time, and sometimes even his absenteeism caused a lot of discussion in the company. They were all curious about what made the workaholic boss become so undiligent. Li Shu recalled from all kinds of thoughts, put the tablet aside, stood up and said, "I'm not tired. This mask is a bit of a hindrance." As he spoke, he took off his mask and said that what made him dissatisfied with his current career was that it was too easy to be recognized if he walked directly outside without taking some measures. When talking about this with Qin Ran, he was also teased by the other side, laughing that he "did not know how lucky he was", and many people thought that he could not do so. It will be finished soon. Is there any place you want to play? Tomorrow weekend, Mo Yanzhi has already given himself a holiday in his heart. Speaking of this, Mo Yanzhi suddenly remembered that after being with Li Shu, for various reasons, they had never gone anywhere to play alone. Before that, they were concerned about those people in the Mohist family. Now the family has been cleaned up. Because there is a Su Qing in the Chen family, now they are too busy to take care of themselves. It is said that love must go where to play, he has not taken Li Shu out, is not doing her boyfriend's duty. Mo Yanzhi completely forgot that he and Li Shu's situation was different from others. To put it bluntly, they were together by a contract. Did Li Shu admit that he was his boyfriend? Go out to play? Aren't you busy these days? Li Shu was surprised. In charge of such a big company, as the leader of Mo's group, Mo Yanzhi's work is not easy at all, and the kind of overlord who is only responsible for falling in love is totally different. The livelihood of hundreds of thousands of employees from top to bottom of Moshi is on his shoulders, how can it be easy? "You can spare two days." Li Shu walked around the desk to the back of Mo Yan, lying on his shoulder to look at the computer on the desk, a string of colorful data looked headache, quietly moved away from the line of sight, Li Shu rubbed on his shoulder, like a lazy cat. Mo Yan's generous Ren Lishu looked at the data on his computer that could be said to be confidential to the group, without any sense of taboo, and even asked: "Interested in these?" There is a great sense of teaching young people as long as they are interested. Too much trouble, not interested. Li Shu refused without hesitation. Mo Yanzhi touched the head on his shoulder helplessly and spoiled him: "If you are not interested, don't learn. Just do what you like." I will be your most solid backing and clear all the thorns and obstacles in your way. When Wu Na came back with snacks, she saw that the young man had already sat on the boss's lap, with his back to him, and could not see his face. Wu Na:! Wu Na: Who am I? Where am I? Did I see something I shouldn't have seen? Mo Yanzhi did not know that the secretary, who was calm on the surface, had become a groundhog in his heart. He wrote lightly: "Put it over there." "Yes,metal racking systems, yes." Wu Na answered in a trance, stiffening her body and putting the snacks in the designated place according to the boss's orders, standing still. kingmoreracking.com