When the scholar and the man heard this, they nodded thoughtfully. I don't know who said, "Anyway, this Beidi man is going to rise in the world. There is a saying called chicken dog or something." "When one person gets the right way, the chickens and dogs ascend to heaven." "Yes, don't you just talk about this man? Look at his posture now. All the people under him are like dogs with noses and eyes in the sky, looking down on people." "Don't talk nonsense. Be careful not to be caught. You have good fruit to eat." The man seemed to be afraid, and he was really afraid of getting into trouble, so he stopped and turned to other things. "I heard that the envoys of Beidi would come to Beijing in a few days. I don't know if there's anything to see." In a remote place, do they have what we don't have? What's there to see. The man was so shy that he did not speak after two sips. The boss brought Feng Xin's bowl of Beancurd Jelly, holding the hot bowl, Feng Xin took a few deep breaths of aroma, turned the idea to forget what he had just heard, just thinking when his brother could come, he liked Beancurd Jelly best, well, don't put shrimp skin. Ambush From the imperial capital to Fengling fast horse two days and one night can arrive, but Xihuang and Yezhen two people all the way to enjoy the mountains and rivers, a full three days to walk just half of the way. Just past a town, gradually into the wilderness mountains, an official road winding into the distance, stretching without end. The green spring apricot has begun to bud, heavy fall on the branches, Xihuang hands with a twisted silver black tip whip, around the fingertips around,cordierite c520, eyes full of smiles looking at the side of the night proverbs, "master, they have followed all the way for so long, why don't you start?" Ye Zhen met her eyes and said with a smile, "Maybe I'm waiting for something." "Oh?" As soon as Xihuang rolled her eyes, she threw out a long whip in her hand and rolled up a green fruit on the branch. She thought to herself that if it was just an ambush, they would have many opportunities when she was separated from Ye Zhen a few days ago. Why did they miss it every time? What were they waiting for? "Master." After walking for a while, Xihuang suddenly reined in his horse and stopped to call Ye Zhen. What's the matter "Ye Zhen led her back and saw a light smile on her face, a sudden flash of anger in her eyes,Alumina Ceramic C795, and a movement in her heart." Master Lao will go to Fengling for me first, and I'll be there tomorrow. Xi Huang untied the bundle he was carrying on his back and handed it to Ye Zhen, with a murderous look in his words. Is that how she forced the killer to make a move? Or has she already seen something? Ye Zhen looked at her silently for a long time. Her lips were raised, showing a brilliant and flawless smile. "Master, don't you believe in my ability?" He reined in his horse and stepped a few steps closer to her. When he took the bundle she handed him, he clasped her wrist. Xihuang knew what he was going to do. He spread out his five fingers and let him look at it. He knew that if he didn't get rid of his worries, he wouldn't leave her alone, especially today. Ye Zhen looked at her palm, and his frowning eyebrows loosened a little. He closed his palm and took her catkin together. "Don't try to be brave, do you know?" "I know." Xi Huang meekly nodded, a trace of warmth from the heart, a palm and his five fingers clasped, "I will have a sense of propriety." With a little effort, he pulled her closer, leaned over, kissed her cheek, and whispered in her ear, ceramic bobbin heater core ,10g Ozone Generator, "The moon is full tonight, and you must get rid of them before midnight." "Good." Xihuang smiled in a low voice, hooked his neck with his backhand, kissed him on his lips, and tasted it like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water. "I understand." Xi Huang watched him go away, holding the reins of his horse leisurely, walking leisurely in the courtyard, looking around from time to time, not as if he was going to rush to his post, but as if he were an ordinary traveler. At her speed, she naturally couldn't catch up with Fengling, and she could only sleep on the hilltop at night. It was not dark yet, so she found a water vein, tied her horse to a tree beside her, and picked up some dead branches in the forest. Fortunately, it didn't rain or snow these days, otherwise she could only endure a cold night without lighting a fire in the middle of the night. Dry food and clothes were thrown to Ye Zhen, and there was nothing to eat. Xihuang had to go to the woods by himself. After two years of rich clothes and jade food, he did not neglect his hands. He caught a pheasant without much effort. He skillfully plucked the feathers, removed the internal organs, washed them, and roasted them on the pine branches he found. The bonfire was burning vigorously, and soon there was a strong smell of barbecue. Xihuang put one hand on her half-bent knee, turned the branch with the other hand, and the roast chicken turned over and over on the fire. She stared at the fire, as if she were in a trance. The sky was already dark, the night was starless, and only a bright moon appeared and disappeared behind the clouds. Phoenix can feel the flow of unusual breath around, even if those people do everything possible to hide their tracks, but so many days how to also reveal some clues, she is not a rookie in Jianghu, is it possible to be followed will not feel it. But just tracking, why so many people, but if it is assassination, she is now alone, giving them the perfect opportunity to start, why hide and hide? Bamboo branches crackled and exploded, sparks splashed, sparks scattered with a gust of wind, leaves swayed in the forest, accompanied by gentle footsteps, carefully stopped several feet away. I hope it's not what I think. Xihuang frowned and smelled the roasted chicken in front of him. After eating and drinking enough, he added bamboo branches to the fire. Xihuang slept against a tree. The wind drizzled in his ears. After a long time, no one started or left. The closer he got to that moment, the more his heart sank. Near midnight, Xihuang's face gradually changed slightly. At first, he frowned slightly, then his lips tightened, and he pressed his chest involuntarily with one hand, as if he had met a nightmare in his sleep. Sweat began to form on her forehead, and before she opened her eyes, she looked as if she were in great pain. In the depths of the forest, there was a sound of a light flute. A short sleeve broke through the wind and shot straight between the eyebrows of the phoenix. She slanted her head to avoid it. The iron arrow and the golden hook could be brushed, cutting off a strand of her long hair. It seems that because of too much movement when avoiding,alumina c799, she fell to the ground and took a few breaths, trying to sit up with her arms, but her hands were too weak to listen. global-ceramics.com