Peng, Qingxuan, like a ball full of air, burst open, blood splashing everywhere, overwhelming. But Yao Jianghan is faster. He is known as "a thousand rivers do not flow". His swordsmanship is faster than that of Jiangnan. In an instant, six swords were split out, and the rain of blood seemed to be blocked by an invisible wall. It bounced off and scattered into a semicircle in front of him. The six swords almost exhausted what Yao Jianghan had learned in his life. Even though he protected himself, he still felt weak all over. In a twinkling of an eye, his face was bloodless, his relatives and friends in the hall were silent, and all of them had fallen dead, and his whole body was like an invisible arrowhead, covered with fine blood holes. Fearful, Yao Jianghan snapped, "Who is it?"? Who is it? If you have any hatred with Yao, you might as well come out and meet him. He turned round and round with his sword, as if he were mad. Yao Qing was at his side. With the power of his six swords, he escaped the disaster, but he was scared out of his wits. Suddenly, seeing his father in such a situation, he said hurriedly, "Dad, run away." Yao Jianghan shivered and murmured, "Yes, run away." Turned to pull Yao Qing, ran to the hall, suddenly see the hall ZhuangDing scattered into a semicircle, will come over, a face swelling, dull eyes, and the "lyu3 bu4" look similar. Yao Jianghan had a lesson from the Taoist of the Qing Dynasty. He dared not stab again. He hugged his daughter and passed over Zhuangding's head. Fall out of the hall. As soon as his feet fell to the ground, Yao Jianghan suddenly gave birth to a warning sign. As soon as he turned around, he saw people standing in all directions,Portable gold trommel, including Zhuangding guards, maids and servants, and even actors invited from Suzhou. One by one, they looked dull and dragged like walking corpses. Yao Jianghan had a sharp pain in his chest and knew that there had been a great change in the village. When he looked up again, he saw that the door of the village was closed tightly, and several big locks were locked from the inside. Yao Qing was also shocked. Suddenly, he saw his father's palpitation. The sword in his hand hung down slowly. "Dad, go quickly," he hurriedly said. Yao Jianghan laughed miserably and said, "Go?"? Where to go? Don't you see? They're going to destroy our Yaojia Village. Yao Qing's heart missed a beat, giving birth to a chill to the bone: "Why did such a strange thing happen as soon as the Rouge tiger died?"? It is said that after the death of a wicked man, he will become an evil ghost. Could it be that the great wicked man, Rouge Tiger, will also become a fierce ghost after his death and seek revenge on me? She didn't usually believe in ghosts and gods, but the situation in front of her was so strange that she couldn't explain it. She couldn't help biting her silver teeth and shouting, "Rouge Tiger, I'm the one who killed you. There are wrongs and debts. You become a ghost and ask for your life. Don't involve others." "What did you say, coltan ore processing ,chrome washing machine, Ah Ching?" Asked Yao Jianghan in surprise. Yao Qing smiled sadly and said, "The Rouge tiger hurt my mother. I killed her to pay for her life. I stabbed the sword on her back." Yao Jianghan said angrily, "No wonder Xiao Chen said you killed him. Your mother died of illness. What does it matter to her?"? Xiao Chen and your mother are as close as sisters. How could they harm her? Yao Qing sneered, "You are such a fool. You don't know anything." Yao Jianghan flew into a rage and snapped, "Did the dead girl turn against me?"? As soon as you die, I'll kill you first and clean house. He had always been arrogant, but when he suddenly suffered this setback, he did not realize that his mind had changed greatly. He only felt that everyone was hateful and everyone should be killed. With a swing of his sword, he stabbed his daughter. Unexpectedly, Yao Qing's father, regardless of his father-daughter relationship, was so shocked that he could not blink. Only then did she feel the wind of the sword rising, and the blade of the sword was already close to her neck. The cold air was dense, and her muscles were piercing. Suddenly, she felt someone pulling her back. Yao Qing looked back, but it was Lu Jian, beside whom stood the red-shirted woman with the Persian cat in her arms. Looking at my father again, I saw him staring at me with a fierce face. He raised his sword to stab me. Unfortunately, when he took out his sword, he had already deviated and could not stab himself. "What's the matter with him, Sister Xianbi?" Lu Chien asked. The barbarian girl sighed, "I disturbed his mind with the art of'confusing the gods. 'He could see it, but he couldn't stab it." "Lu Jian!" Yao Qing was shocked and angry. "You colluded with the witch." "Ah Ching," said Lu Chien shyly, "Sister Xianbi isn't a witch. Thanks to her saving you just now, either.." "Who wants her to save him?" Yao Qing shouted, "It's better that I was killed by my father." At this point, tears flowed down his snow-white cheeks. "I don't want to save you," said Xianbi with a sneer. "I just want to save Lu Chien's face." When Yao Qing heard this, her heart ached for no reason. "Lu Chien," she said, "if you call her sister again, I'll never talk to you again. "Lu Chien looked at Xianbi and saw that she was smiling and silent. Then he looked at Yao Qing, but her eyes were full of anger. He was very embarrassed and said," Ah Qing, Sister Xianbi saved my life. If it hadn't been for her, you wouldn't have been able to kill the Rouge Tiger. " Yao Qing showed the color of confusion, was about to ask, but listen to Xianbi light tunnel: "Lu Jian, don't talk nonsense." Lu Chien sighed and said no more. It turned out that when Lu Jian saw Yao Qing chasing the Rouge tiger, he wanted to follow him, but he felt dizzy. He pushed down the bookshelf and hugged the Rouge tiger. He almost exhausted all his strength. He was even kicked in the knee by the tiger, and the pain was hard to get up. Just as he was feeling anxious, he suddenly saw a red shadow flashing and a woman standing in front of him. Lu Chien realized that it was the red-shirted barbarian girl he had seen in the woods. "How did you get here?" He asked. "Why can't I come?" The barbarian girl smiled and said, "Yaojiazhuang is not a dragon's pool or a tiger's den." "Lu Chien struggled for a moment, but he couldn't get up. He was so anxious that tears rolled in his eyes." Silly boy! The barbarian girl sighed, "do you really like this Ah Ching so much?" Lu Chien blushed and could not speak. The barbarian girl shook her head and said, "Although this young girl is young, she is so scheming and ruthless that many adults can't compare with her. If you like her, you will certainly suffer a great loss in the future." Lu Chien shook his head and said, "I'm not afraid." "Aren't you afraid she's lying to you?" Asked the barbarian girl. Lu Jian still shook his head. "What if I want to kill you?" Asked the barbarian girl. Lu Chien hesitated and asked, "How could she kill me?" "Sometimes people's hearts are very strange," said the barbarian girl. "This Ah Ching is not an ordinary girl. If she finds out that there is something more important than you, she may hurt you." Lu Chien seemed to understand. After thinking about it,Portable gold trommel, he sighed, "If that's the case, I'll let her kill you." 。