While the Q130 is poor in every way, SI expects these counterfeits to soon surpass the real thing. China is in a period of rapid economic development, and these counterfeiters have the equipment and time to develop better counterfeits. Take CECT as an example. The P168 and Meizu M8 are much better, and Meizu M8 recently appeared on the cover of Popular Science. For many people who like Meizu, it is already much better than the iPhone, and the price is much cheaper. SI's planned speech at the Embedded Systems Conference is that "iPhone imitations are getting better and better", and will dismantle all iPhone imitations made in China, including CECT's. In addition, some identification methods will be introduced. Seeing this news, I am really proud of our national industry. The IPHONE of 4 to 8 gigabytes sells for 299 to 399 yuan. Our 64MB without wolf teeth can sell for 350 yuan. According to the jargon, this price is really in a vacuum zone. And "All the IPHONE imitations made in China are getting better and better" has become the topic of the speech. Obviously, the international community has begun to change its attitude on the issue of our inadequate protection of intellectual property rights. Anyway, no matter how we sue, we will not win, because the experts said, "First of all, that trademark is not Apple. It is not only the opposite, but also pink with a handle." You see, there is no infringement. This is pink with a handle. It seems that the belt can be affirmed by the "embedded system" conference. I am also very interested in this "Embedded System Conference". I also bring my own embedded system. I don't know if I can attend this conference next year. Prostitutes should be decriminalized by next year. Han Han @ 2007-10-5 0:00:00 Reading (16723) Trackback Category: Uncategorized We took advantage of the Olympic Games to build the city again. But I am thinking about a problem, to the 2008 Olympic Games, a large number of foreigners into China, how to solve the problem of sex. First of all,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, foreigners may not know that barber shops are not for haircuts, clubs are not for meetings, saunas are not for baths, but we Chinese have always been very taboo on this issue, presumably the "manual" will not mention this key issue. What about so many guests. This problem has been touched on in previous Olympic Games and World Cups. At the World Cup in Germany, a large number of prostitutes in Europe flocked to the vicinity of the stadium. However, during next year's Beijing Olympic Games, it will not only be difficult to enter Beijing,Sex Enhancement Powder, but many people may have to leave Beijing at that time. It will become a very urgent and realistic problem to solve the sexual problems of foreign friends. Because it is illegal to go whoring in our country, so, suppose we do not go whoring, but hospitable we must put the responsibility and the problem on foreigners. I don't need to say much about the domestic sex industry. In any city of scale, as long as you give me enough money, it is not difficult to gather 10,000 prostitutes. Which sauna and KTV in the country do not have a lady? Do we like to spend thousands of yuan on singing and bathing? Which official has not enjoyed sexual services? Of course, do not misunderstand, this is a hypothetical question, if there is no, please answer. In our country, in fact, the sex industry has been semi-legalized, or a quarter legalized, which leads to a problem, that is, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, sometimes we have to put on airs, so that everyone is very painful, for the police and clients are the same, for example, we have to make a surprise inspection from time to time to make a model. This kind of surprise inspection is very unfair to the people who are caught. At the same time, there are 10,000 people who go whoring under the eyes of the police. Why should one of them resist the crime of whoring clients in the whole country? If the police find that you have a head and a face, but your head and face are not enough for the government. For example, if you are a professor or something like that, you have to be a typical example of negative propaganda and criticism by the news. In fact, it is relative to whoring. This is more criminal and bad behavior. As for the distribution of the sex industry, the police must be more clear than ordinary people. If I really want to be a good citizen, I will search the sauna space in Shanghai on the Internet, and then report all the thousands of stores. Do you think you will go to the police or not. Moreover, in many cases, the attitude of the police and the government has become a matter for many sex industries to compete with their own backstage. The pornographic establishments that are raided are often considered to have poor relations with the government. Don't think that the legalization of prostitutes is a good thing for clients. In fact, it is a big bad thing. First of all, with the legalization of prostitutes, the operating costs of prostitutes will go up, and the license, tax and management costs will certainly lead to the price increase of prostitutes. This is one aspect, but the most important aspect is that when prostitutes are legalized, there will be brothels. If you go to a sauna or an erotic massage, you insist on taking a bath and health care, then no one can do anything about you. After all, in our country, or anywhere in the world, whoring is not a particularly glorious thing, but if you go to a brothel, you can't say that you are going to talk about business. In our country, it is estimated that prostitutes are legalized, not places, that is, places of business remain the status quo, but everyone's vest has changed. The legalization of prostitutes is a great good thing for society. First of all, it is a tacit thing that everyone knows. It also shows that our government is hypocritical to hide it all the time. It simply shows that we are open and honest, and we don't have to catch unlucky people all the time to make a show. The society is more harmonious. Secondly, the price is clearly marked and the industry is supervised, thus avoiding the situation that the goods are not priced and the service content does not conform to the oral terms, and the market is more harmonious. Third, the country's tax revenue is a big increase, with the increase in tax revenue to do more welfare, the people are more harmonious. Fourthly, after the legalization or semi-legalization of prostitutes, the number of prostitutes will definitely decrease, not increase. At least for Chinese people, the family is more harmonious. Fifth, the management of the government or industry associations, so that the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS is reduced,Heme Iron Polypeptide, prostitutes once a month physical examination, issued the certificate of the month to work, health is more harmonious. pioneer-biotech.com