Chasing the Wind for Thousands of Miles, Wei Yunsong could not help but say with regret, "If you capture three people alive and offer sacrifices, can you get twice the result with half the effort?" Cui Jingyun said with a sneer, "The four evil spirits in southern Sichuan are ferocious and violent. They would rather die than die. They know that they will not be spared. Can they tell the truth?"? Maybe you and I will be led astray by him and fall into the trap. Is it not self-defeating? Wei Yunsong nodded his head and said, "If you get rid of the three evil spirits, there will be no future trouble forever. But I still can't find any clue. Brother Cui has been here for eight years. I don't believe that Brother Cui has gained nothing." Cui Jingyun gave a deep sigh and said, "It's a long story. Let's take a long view. You and I will move to a good place as soon as possible. Hong Kui, the Great Evil Spirit, has been waiting for three evil spirits for a long time. If he is suspicious, he will visit them." "Old Cui's words are very good," he said with a smile when he heard it from outside. The figure flashed into Cui Xiangrong and his barefoot shoes. The drunken man in a short jacket was covered with greasy dirt. His face was wrinkled and his eyes were like lightning. Cui Jingxiang thought of a man. His face changed and he said, "Is he Long Xiaoteng, the wild goose in the clouds, the iron hand of the beggar dragon, who shook the eight wastelands?" "I dare not," said the drunkard with a smile. "I am Long Xiaoteng." Cui Xiangrong said, "When Uncle Long and his daughter saw the three evil spirits coming here, they attacked their father to prevent him from being defeated. Father, are we leaving?" Cui Jingyun laughed and said, "Silly boy, selling wine as a stove is not what I should do. You and I should go quickly!" Nangong Pengfei hesitated to speak. Cui Jingyun said,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, "We've already made arrangements. We'll be there not far from here. Let the old man explain to his son that he will never force others to do what is difficult. Just go and stay." He repeatedly urged him to go quickly. They left the hut and went through a pine forest path. The terrain was getting higher and higher. They crossed a ridge and threw themselves into a lush valley, reflecting a stone house. As the time approached, Long Xiaoteng could not help exclaiming, "What a fairyland on earth!" I saw the valley on the roof of the mountain, with a silver waterfall slanting on the top of the mountain, swaying and spraying beads and flying fog, blowing cool on my face. The pine and bamboo in the valley were dripping green and green. Five houses were located on the loess cliff flat, with a cluster of secluded trees,Theobromine Powder, three strange pines, dragons and phoenixes dancing, planted around the house. The windows in the house were almost clean, elegant and simple. Nangong Pengfei's servant was already waiting inside, and when he saw his master coming, he hung his hands in awe. After the guests and hosts took their seats, Cui Xiangrong went to the kitchen to manage the banquet. Cui Jingyun glanced at Nangong Pengfei and said with a sigh, "Although you are not a member of the martial arts world, a couplet that has been circulating in the martial arts world for a long time in recent years is well known to everyone. It is appreciated by both refined and popular tastes. You must know it." "That's why I'm here," said Nangong Pengfei. Then he recited: "It is a blessed place with a misty rain of ten thousand poles, surrounded by mountains.". A punch of yellow stone, a thousand years of red pine, talk about the immortal green. "I heard that the scenery of Zhangliang Temple in Zibai Mountain was so beautiful that I couldn't help admiring it. I was very interested in traveling, so I left home with my servant to travel thousands of miles." Cui Jingyun nodded his head and said, "Actually, this is a mystery in the martial arts world. Thirteen years ago, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, Hua Xiuhan, a genius in the martial arts world and a swordsman of a strange generation, suddenly disappeared from the martial art world for no reason. Since he did not die, Feng Yi, his successor, was at a loss as to the reason for his teacher's disappearance.". Before the disappearance of Cangming swordsman Hua Xiuhan, this couplet had already been circulated. Someone in the martial arts world, Hua Xiuhan's disappearance was related to the couplet. It is speculated that this couplet came from the place where Hua Xiu Han lived in seclusion. If someone understands the secret of the couplet, he will not hesitate to teach it to each other.. "Wait a minute," said Nangong Pengfei. "What is the relationship between Cui Laozhang, Hua Xiuhan, and Feng Yi?" Cui Jingyun couldn't help glancing at Wei Yunsong and Long Xiaoteng. He was delighted and said, "The old man has seen many people in his life. He has never seen such a man as the young man. He is tall and straight, and his temperament is dignified. Especially when Tiangang Dao Luo Hao and Long Daxia snatched the leather bag, the young man did not show any fear. At this moment, the young man's question happens to be the crux of the problem, which proves that he is wise and careful.". Feng Yi is gifted with great talent, but his mind is gloomy, his hands are ruthless, and he thinks highly of himself. He means to kill people. Although he is young, he is famous all over the country, and his name of ruthless and insidious is also spread in Wulin. Later, Feng Yi had a lot of grudges. The division commander of Chou Zhong, Daxing, asked for punishment. He started to fight with each other. Feng Yi suffered a lot of setbacks. He was ridiculed by the other side that his martial arts were only three or four times ten of his teacher's. He also said that his teacher had seen that Feng Yi's mind was cruel and sinister, so he did not teach many kinds of unique skills.. "Is that the truth?" Asked Nangong Pengfei. Cui Jingyun said with a smile, "Forgive me for not shooting at the target without any reason, nor for no reason. In the early years, Cangming swordsman Hua Xiuhan saved countless people when he was in Jianghu. He established his virtue and established his prestige. He said a few words to relieve his resentment. All the people in Jianghu were virtuous. So he was courteous to Feng Yi. He was humiliated but did not kill him. I hope he will repent." With a deep sigh, he said, "Feng Yi was deeply resentful and went to the top of Qionglai, the place where the swordsman Hua Xiuhan lived. He knew that the room was empty. Since then, he has lost the trace of Hua Xiuhan. It is uncertain whether he will live or die." Nangong Pengfei said with a smile, "The one here can confirm this." Wei Yunsong shook his head and said with a sigh, "No one can really prove it. The disappearance of Hua Xiuhan was revealed by Feng Yi himself. After that, Feng Yi also traveled all over the world to visit his teacher. However, Feng Yi also sank in Jianghu, like the stars of the Milky Way passing away.." "For this reason, we speculate that it is very likely that Feng Yi was full of resentment and hated his teacher for hiding his secrets. He failed to teach each other his unique skills. He was maimed and destroyed his body. Perhaps Master Hua had expected that Feng Yi would rebel and had moved elsewhere." Nangong Pengfei shook his head and said with a smile, "Both guesses are ridiculous. On the one hand, if Hua Xiuhan was killed by his disciple, Feng Yi would not disappear. On the other hand, Hua Xiuhan moved to another place. Why didn't he appear in Jianghu for so many years? If it is said that Huaxiuhan hated himself for not knowing people and got rid of his disobedient disciple with his own hands, he would be discouraged. From now on, he would never be interested in Jianghu. It is Feng Yi must not be punished for a crime he did not commit. Long Tengxiao laughed and said, "This is the crux of the problem." "Two years after Master Hua Xiuhan and his disciples disappeared one after another, Master Dafang, an eminent monk in the martial arts world and a close friend of Master Hua Xiuhan, suddenly received a strange letter. In the letter,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, he asked Master Dafang to solve the doubtful meaning of the couplet and find out a volume of Wulin Juexue to carry forward without oblivion. His words were sincere and dense, and he wrote more than ten pieces of letter paper.". But the handwriting was strange, and there was no next paragraph. Dafang Zen Master was an outsider. He had not been in the world for a long time. He only felt that the letter was suspicious and could not understand it.