Blizzard recently released patch 1.1 for Diablo 4, which includes a variety of changes to class balance, gameplay features, and bug fixes. Lol ranked boost

This is the first major patch for Diablo 4 that introduced ground-breaking changes to gameplay, itemization, and class balance.

Let's take a quick rundown at the patch:

Class Balance Changes

All classes have received buffs to their underperforming skills and abilities.

The Necromancer, Druid, and Barbarian have received significant damage updates.

The Sorceress received a lot of fixes to skill effects that did not trigger when they should have.

The Rogue received a lot of fixes to its skills as well.

Gameplay Features

The World Tier system has been adjusted to make it easier to progress through the tiers.

A new Uber Unique has been added for Season of the Malignant.

Sacred items and Ancestral items now have level requirement of 60 and 80 respectively.

Rare monsters that sometimes dropped items of higher power will no longer do that.

Bug Fixes

Several bugs related to itemization, skills, and quests have been fixed.

Overall, the patch has made significant changes to class balance, with buffs to underperforming skills and abilities, and nerfs to overpowered ones.

The World Tier system has also been adjusted to make it easier to progress, and a new Uber Unique has been added for Season of the Malignant.

And, as usual with Diablo 4 fixes, players will now have to find better farm routes.

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