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Path of Exile: PC betrayal launched on Xbox One on Monday, December 10, 2018. In the Path of Exile: betrayal, you must accompany Jun Otto because she is investigating a mysterious organization called the Immortal Organization. With the help of Jun, the 18 members of the syndicate were manipulated and influenced for further investigation. Each syndicated member has his or her personality and can change alliances and competition based on your behavior. You need to bargain, ask, and maybe even perform some of them to make progress.

Path of Exile: New features of betrayal include:

Raid Syndicate Safehouses - Plundering materials, earning great rewards and discovering the ultimate identity of Immortal Syndicate's planners

Veil Items - Immortal syndicated members, use the new veil modifier that Jun can reveal to discard items. When you introduce modifiers, you can make them into other POE Currency and try to unlock a higher-level version of these properties.
New masters, familiar faces - As the immortal syndicate has come on stage, the old forgotten master team has disappeared. Einhar, Alva, Niko, Zana, and Jun have become a new master group to help you.

New Ultimate Game Map - The World Atlas has expanded four new maps - a more detailed version of the fans from Delve's Azurite Mine.

New Skills and New Features - Betrayal introduces ten new or improved skills for three core character prototypes and 15 new unique items and Path of Exile Currency and five new Divination Cards designed by PoE community members.

Path of Exile remains to be one of the most massive online action RPGs, continuing as well as a significant audience growth. Since August 2017, the successful launch of Xbox One and China has a lot more than doubled the Path of Exile player community, with greater than 3.5 million players doing the 2017 expansion of the sport, which was well-received since its release on October 2013. Includes the annual PC Game Award for winning GameSpot. Since its launch, Path of Exile has changed into a global community that could reach over 20 million players, including localized versions of English, German, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese, Russian, Thai and Brazilian Portuguese.

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