Tadalista 60mg drug is a medicine having generic Tadalafil in it. This is a medicine that allows you to harden your penis and low it to grow hard. This happens due to the potential PDE 5 hormone-inhibiting substance that is Tadalafil.

When you take this pill it makes the blood flow to the penis tissues increase therefore allowing you to have more penis sensitivity.

In this article, we will look at some of the critical factors of Tadalista 60mg such as the process of how to administer your daily pill, and what might happen if you miss a dose or take more amounts of generic Tadalafil than what you are supposed to. Lastly, we also look at some of the common queries of most patients.

But since this article relates to the working process of Tadalista 60mg we start by looking at the working process of the pill. Let’s begin…

After the effects of the generic substance is Tadalafil begins to take effect the nature of the substance is to effect an inhibitory action on the PDE5 hormones. Along with this, you can find an increase in the hormonal secretion levels of the cGMP hormone.


The levels of cGMP hormone begin going above and beyond a level, this would trigger the actions of nitric oxide that correspond to a vasodilation action on the tissues.

It can be said that due to the vasodilation action of the tissues, the blood-carrying capacities of the nerves increase and then this is what allows you to have harder erections.

How to Take Tadalista 60mg?

Being an oral pill there is only one way that you can have the pills. And that is by swallowing a pill whole with water.

No crushing, chewing, or breaking of the pills is allowed during the time you have the pills in your mouth. As such you can fix the timings of taking the pill on your own. You may take it during the morning time or at night depending on when your free time is.

And remember that while you can have the pills on an empty stomach or filled stomach that is after having meals, try and have a small amount of meal that is light. Avoid taking in heavier meals or richly prepared food items. This will allow the pills to with faster.

Remember that a Tadalista pill taken on an empty stomach will start working faster than when you have it after a full-fledged meal.

While water is the best substance to use for taking on the pills of Tadalista 60mg, alcohol or even grape juice are not that good options. Why? Both of them are contraindication fluids having a huge tendency to have instant side effects. So remember and act to take your Daily Tadalista 60mg with water only.

Missed dose

So what happens when you suddenly miss a dose? Do you suffer from side effects? Well, while there are no linked side effects of taking the pills of Tadalista 60mg there is one problem though.

You see due to the short-term working nature of the pills, missing a dose means that you don’t get erectile hardness when you don’t take your pills on time.

One pill of Tadalista 60 is only active for around 24 hours so the next day when you don’t have your pill it’s tough for you to get or maintain a hard erection.


On taking more than what amounts of Tadalista 60mg you need, you definitely have more Tadalafil than what you actually require. And this extra amount of Tadalafil in your body can quickly generate severe side effects. So, avoid using the dose in more amounts than what has been given in your doctor’s prescription.


While Tadalista does not have any vigorous side effects when you take your daily pill in the recommended dose it does have a few substances that are better avoided.

Two of these we gave mentioned above include alcohol and grape juice.

Rather in this section, we are going to have a look at the medicines that are contradicting Tadalista 60.  The list of medicines that you cannot take includes-

Nitrate containing medicines


Some brands of good pressure-reducing pills

A few oral contraceptive brands

HIV and AIDS pills

Some medicines for curing antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal infections