Enhance your life by making it more beautiful We have many years of experience in the field of interior plants and are able to bring the beauty of any room. We can bring the splendor and colors of nature to your office, home or hotel, condominium, or even your building. With beautiful tropical trees, plants and flowers, you can enhance the look of any space. Our method is simple.

We will listen to your ideas and provide innovative solutions that fit your budget. We'll design a style that will last and leave a positive effect, whether it is large palm trees in your atrium, or exotic flowers within your foyer. Your employees, clients, and anyone else who comes to your premises will benefit from the numerous health and comfort benefits of plants. Our certified horticulture technicians will make sure that your surroundings are kept in good condition. It's a wonderful moment to enjoy the natural beauty and to be amazed by it. We can help make your life easier and more pleasurable. Contact us.

NASA's Clean Air Study was conducted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration together with the Associated Landscape Contractors of America. The findings from the study indicate that certain common indoor plants can be utilized to eliminate harmful substances like formaldehyde, benzene , and trichloroethylene in the natural air. This could help to reduce the negative effects of sick building syndrome.

NASA released the first list of air filtering plants' names in 1989 as part of their study on clean air. The study examined methods to purify the air inside space stations. They do not just absorb carbon dioxide, and release oxygen, as they do in nature, but they also eliminate substantial amounts of benzene and formaldehyde. The third and second lists are taken from B. C. Wolverton's book and papers. They concentrate on particular chemical compounds.

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NASA researchers suggest that at least one plant is located for every 100 square feet of office or living space. Studies have also revealed that microorganisms in potted plant soil are able to eliminate benzene from the air. Certain species of plants may aid in removing it.