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FixNBA2K20 Hashtag Trends as NBA 2K20 Players Express Grievances

nba 2k20 mt has been a series built on incremental improvements. Headed into this year, prospects seemed high, with a star-studded cast and a host of new features. But post-launch, concerns are growing into a chorus through a hashtag dubbed "#FixNBA2K20," where NBA 2K20 players are lamenting the current state of the game.

With its only major competition backed up and away from 2K's release window, it seemed like 2K20 was poised to dominate the world of virtual basketball. Through introducing the WNBA into 2K and some experimental new changes, 2K20 had hopes to dominate the tail end of this console cycle.
However, players are discovering numerous bugs, glitches, and imbalances within 2K20. Collected under a hashtag of "FixNBA2K20," players are voicing issues in a few main areas, namely the continued presence of microtransactions and what some are calling "false advertising."

The microtransactions and "gambling" issues weren't hard to see coming. In fact, just prior to the launch of 2K20, a MyTeam trailer went out that painted the mode with literal casino imagery, including slots and pachinko. And while the goal seemed to be to speed up the VC grind, it doesn't seem like these systems were ever going to go away completely.

The bugs and imbalances are a much larger point, though. Reports of "lagging out" of offline games and features that changed between early talk and the final build of 2K20 have players riled up on social media.Players still seem set on sticking with the game, as it's the iteration of 2K they're stuck with either way. But even if the microtransactions are a long shot, hopefully some of these technical issues can get fixed up in the coming days and weeks. When you're the only up-to-date pro basketball game on shelves, you get all the attention, and that much more scrutiny. For our own impressions on NBA 2K20 so far, check out our review-in-progress.Click Here

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