This indoor house plant can bring brightness to the corridor 5 meters away from entrance doors. The Cast Iron plant is also called the Aspidistra. It was the centerpiece of numerous Victorian English manors Drawing rooms.

The Aspidistra is regarded as one of the toughest and adaptable plants for house use by a variety of gardening experts. The Aspidistra's tall, slender, dark green leaves or white variegated leaves grow straight out of the soil, forming clumps that can reach up to 75 centimeters tall and 15cm in width.

It's a low-maintenance plant similar to women who don't need to be pampered. But, it retains its sweet taste. It needs very minimal low temperatures, moderate humidity and temperature and only a few times of watering.

Certain plants don't require as much light

Low-light plants are defined as those that are able to survive in candles of 25 to 75 feet. This means they should be 4 to 5 meters away from an open window that is bright. The plant should be able to provide sufficient light to permit an enjoyable reading experience however, not too light that artificial lighting could cause an effect of brightness.

The Aspidistra is available in every local garden center or nursery.

The plants listed below are also suitable for low-light conditions:

Aglonema (Chinese Evergreen).

Aglonema (Chinese Evergreen) It is one of the plants that can withstand low light levels and prefer moderate lighting It is often referred to as Chinese Evergreen. The leaves are big and dark green, with the appearance of leathery, tapering. Then they grow into an edgy base.

Drachaena Deremensis

Drachaena deremensis is one of the varieties of Drachaena which is also known as Happy or Fortune Plants. It has slim leaves and is typically white-colored. The Drachaena caney family is adorned with decorative rosettes made of leaf-like strap-like leaves.

Holly Fern

Holly fern, which is able to be tolerant of low light, as well as Boston fern, which is a fishbone type of fern, which can be kept in dim light for a few months, but must be revived in brighter light.

Neanthe Bella

Parlor Palm Neanthe Bella is also called Parlor Palm is more in low-light conditions as opposed to other palms.

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Sanseviera is also called Mother-In-Law's Tongue, is a small-growing plant that has erect, strap-like leaves. They're usually creamy and feature distinctive bands of grey-green in the middle.