I guess this really is a case of RuneScape gold Story from Rskingdom's blog

I guess this really is a case of RuneScape gold Story Segregation?! and Gameplay

Perhaps a spoiler, perhaps not. Anyways, while playing"The Light Within" we were given a vision of back if Seren and Zaros were still Mah's Caretakers. During this cutscene, Zaros maintained and talks of finding the eggs in which the Elder Gods hatched. "It was easy enough to discover the memories, even when you look carefully enough. Six of these, five of form and one of something . "Unless I've missed any, we have only known of Jas, Ful, Bik, Wen, and Mah. From which hatched in the five eggs situated in the Elder Halls on Freneskae.

Who is this one which Zaros said? So maybe the sixth Elder God in incorporeal?

I don't usually bring Runelabs stuff here. But since it appears to concern the lore community, figured I would give it a shot.Can Support HereJagex has been telling us for a while that Quests are restricted as a result of funding. Thats understandable, because they do tend to be more heavy on tools. Its annoying that several good quests last year, we've had are made temporary eliminated. Quests such as the Penguin Sequel in December, The Easter Quest, and Meg's Cases.

Jagex is currently doing the job to create themthey ought to remain in game.My suggestion is that any Quests Jagex makes for holidays should stay ingame. I am not speaking about"events" like minigames, or stuff where players interact, only the Quests and Miniquests themselves. Any heavily overpowered rewards like exp ought to cheap RS gold be taken out from them when the vacation is over but the quests must remain.They're already putting all this work in, why don't you keep it.

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