It is well known that Canon printers deliver excellent output more quickly. It is also one of the most often used printers for standard printing tasks. However, in order to make advantage of the printer's powerful capabilities in your procedures, you must configure and install the printer's driver and software. The function can be used to configure your Canon products. You may now take advantage of the Canon printing experience with just a few button presses. This comprehensive guide describes how to download, set up, and install the Canon printer.

Using either a wired or wireless configuration, you may quickly print a range of crucial documents, pictures, and photos with the Canon printer. But it has become vital to know how to get the Canon printer setup at The printer driver CD-ROM should be placed in the CD-ROM drive first. After double-clicking the My Computer icon, select the CD-ROM drive icon. Double-click the PCL or UFR II folders after that. Double-click the Setup.exe icon to launch the installation process, and then click Next in the PCL or UFR II Printer Driver Setup Wizard dialogue box. After carefully reading the licence agreement, click Yes if you agree to the terms. By selecting Next, choose "manually set port to install." It will be straightforward to download and install the Canon printer on your computer if you follow these instructions. If you have any problems downloading the Canon setup, call the Canon care hotline to get them fixed. setup Process Information

On the https //ij start cannon website, you can complete a thorough setup process for a Canon printer. The printer can be configured on your device using either a wired or a wireless connection. When done, download the necessary drivers and software, then save the files in a handy location. The downloaded file will then be double-clicked to be opened for the installation process. Following the on-screen instructions and agreeing to the terms and conditions will allow you to finish the task. This essay explains everything in great detail.

How Do I Setup A Canon Inkjet Printer Using The Ij.Start.Cannon Method?

Here are the steps to complete the Setup listed below:

  • Start by turning on your laptop or PC.
  • After that, connect your Canon inkjet printer to the system. You have a choice of wired or wireless connections for your printer.
  • After that, type into your web browser. Before pressing Enter, give the Canon website a moment to load.
  • Now, if you choose Configuration, a popup asking for your model number will show up.
  • Press Enter after entering the model number of your Canon printer.
  • Now set up the printer by carefully following the on-screen instructions.

How Can I Get My Canon Printer's Drivers Downloaded?

To finish the procedure, you must first download the printer drivers. To do this, open a web browser on your computer after configuring your Canon printer in accordance with the prior instructions.

  • At ij.start.cannon, enter the Canon model number now. Keep the model number handy for this step.
  • You can alternatively choose the bottom choice and press the "view this link" button to proceed.
  • Now is the time to download the required Canon drivers and software.
  • Double-click the downloaded file to begin the installation procedure. Setup installation guidelines

When the download is finished, go to the download page and adhere to the directions listed below:

  • Choose a WiFi or USB connection from the driver's download location and double-click the downloaded file.
  • To start the Canon printer, press the power button right away.
  • Connect the printer to wifi by continuing to hold down the wireless alert.
  • If the wifi connection is successful, the printer's blue or green lights will start to blink.
  • To finish installing the Canon printer, accept the terms and conditions at this time.
  • Click the Complete button to wrap up the installation.

USB setup for a Canon IJ printer

If the official Canon website is unable to recognise your printer, you can use a USB to set up the Canon IJ Printer. The following actions can be helpful:

  • Before starting the process, a USB cord should be nearby.
  • Open your web browser and navigate to the website. Click the "Setup a Network Connection Using USB" option.
  • Now connect your Canon printer to your PC using a USB wire.
  • Click Next to download the driver for your Canon printer.
  • Here, you must choose if you want to add the printer to a specific network.
  • Selecting YES will prompt you to click the Complete button.
  • Next, select Add printer from the menu.
  • Click Add and navigate to http / to obtain a driver.
  • After that, proceed to Device settings >> LAN settings >> select the connection.
  • You can now install Canon drivers and inkjet cartridges when your device's connections have been confirmed.
  • Once the printer has been configured, try printing a test page. You can solve any issues you might be having with the printer setup by getting in touch with specialists.


How Do I Setup A Canon Printer Wirelessly On Windows?

If you want to use ij start canon setup to set up your Canon printer on Windows, carefully follow the instructions below:

  • First, configure your printer to join a WiFi network.
  • You may then download the printer driver by visiting to
  • Navigate to the download folder and double-click the file there to begin the installation process.
  • Press Windows and R together to open the Rub window.
  • After selecting OK, the box should be filled out with Microsoft Devices and Printers.
  • The next screen should show the Add Printer button.
  • After pressing the button, follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  • When the procedure is complete, click OK.
  • If the ij.start, you should print a test page.
  • To verify everything is operating properly, the Canon setup process for your Canon wireless printer on Windows has finished.

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