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Conquering a man: how?
There are representatives of two sexes on Earth: strong and weak, and the third is not given. The differences between them are so great that the issue of mutual understanding is relevant in any era.
At the same time, anyone considers himself an expert in the field of relations and strives to give meaningful advice. Friends and girlfriends advise one thing, parents - another, psychology experts suggest something third. The streams of information about how to behave correctly with a representative of the stronger sex, how to conquer him, how to force him to return, sometimes contradict each other so much that a representative of the weaker sex can get lost in this information. At the same time, she will stop being aware of how to talk to a man in order to interest him.
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1. First of all, a woman should answer the question whether this is the man she can call "her own, unique and exclusive". If the answer to this question is positive, then you should find out more different information about the object of attention: what kind of attachments he has, with whom he had a relationship, what actions he took. Perhaps, having learned more about a potential chosen one, a representative of the weaker sex will not want to start a relationship with him.
2. If the information received is quite satisfactory to the woman, then you can move on. It is necessary to find out what a man does, what his hobby is. It is likely that he is considered a fan of the football club, or collects toy cars. Whatever it is, it's worth getting as much information about this hobby as possible. This is possible with the help of books, thematic magazines and the Internet. And it is very important that a woman does not pretend that she is also curious about this activity, but is genuinely interested in this hobby, having the opportunity to maintain a man's addiction.
3. The invariable rule of communication with a representative of the stronger sex is the observance of neutrality in relation to his friends. For a man, friendship often plays a much bigger role than for a woman. He has the opportunity to listen to the words of his friends, appreciate their attention and society, sometimes even more than the society of his own family. If the friends are not criminals, alcoholics or drug addicts, you need to accept them. It is necessary to respect the aspirations of a man to choose his own company. You should not forbid him to meet with friends.
4. Regarding jealousy, there is a rule here: "Everything is fine in moderation." A woman who has never shown possessive emotions is unlikely to be admired by a man. Whatever one may say, jealousy, if it does not cross the permitted boundaries, causes a sense of superiority in almost all people and increases self-esteem.
5. Women really like to talk much more than listen. However, for a strong relationship, the ability to listen is very useful. Men also really like to talk and adore if they are listened to attentively and enthusiastically.