How Data Visualization helps in Marketing


Marketers are now collecting more data than ever. But, how can they sort this data better for powerful insights? Data visualization is the way to go! In a data-inundated world, it’s onerous to make informed marketing decisions. Data visualization in marketing can help marketers make sense of crucial data. Businesses are now drowning in data. With quintillion bytes of it generated every day, sorting the data out becomes taxing and increasingly difficult to translate.


Humans interpret visual data better than any other type of data. Marketing is evolving and becoming more complex; data visualization can break the silos between sales and marketing, increase ROI & overall efficiency, and boost performance. We process images way faster than text. This blog post will explain how to unlock marketing’s true potential by leveraging data visualization. Let’s dive in!


Data visualization and why it matters - Data visualization is depicting data in a graphical form. Using graphs or charts can help marketers find patterns and uncover trends effectively. Colors, shapes, and motifs appeal to the human eye. Data visualization is a must to analyze colossal volumes of marketing data and be more strategic & data-driven. We can tell apart a blue circle from a yellow rectangle- all the while knowing what it means.


Marketing is about storytelling - you can’t tell a good story without making it visual. With data visualization, marketers highlight the key trends and patterns that were not otherwise so obvious. But there’s something very close to marketers that’s a component of data visualization as well- a dashboard. Dashboards can help marketers comprehend raw information by turning it into easily-digestible data. Most occupations use charts, graphics, and maps.


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