The rapid rise of social media has triggered a massive emergence of new means of communication through messaging, video calls and other methods based on a single application. Moreover, numerous users of social networks and all kinds of messengers not only communicate with relatives or friends around the world, but may well promote their business through messengers. The development of business in the prism of such applications prompts many to wonder how to create an application like WhatsApp.

An application similar to WhatsApp should have all the conveniences for communication between an ordinary user and a corporate client, so that both personal and commercial chat can be used. Let's take a closer look at how to create an application like WhatsApp.

Essential features that a messenger like whatsapp should have
The development of any application requires careful preparation. To get a really good result at the output, you should immediately calculate all the components of the program so as not to miss anything.

So let's take a look at what should be in a messaging app.

Possibility of registration
This is a separate page that is shown to all new users. It is desirable that registration supports several options - automatic via popular social networks, fast via a phone number, or standard via an email address. The last two involve confirmation of contact by sending a message with a code to the mail or entered phone number. A registered user can work with a personal account - add information, photos. It is also important to provide the client with the ability to import contacts from the phone book in order to stimulate his communication with friends.

Advanced profile setup
To show their individuality, the user can be offered to customize the profile as he pleases - change the background for messages, text font, personal photo visible to all subscribers. The more customization options, the more comfortable it will be for the user to work with the application.

Video and audio calls
The ability to see your opponent or talk to him, like on a phone, is provided by voice and video calls. So communication looks more complete, regardless of the distance at which the callers are from each other. With a voice call, communication occurs only by voice, as when using a phone - only absolutely free of charge via the Internet. A video call gives a visual component - a video image of the speaker. In communication apps like WhatsApp, group video and audio calls are also available - conferences with which more than two people can communicate at the same time.

File sharing
To demonstrate emotions or to share information, users can send pictures, stickers, gifs to each other. With paid stickers, it's easy to monetize any messaging app.

This function is needed so that the user does not forget about using the application and is always aware of the events taking place there - a new message, an invitation to a chat, adding to contacts, a friend appearing on the network, etc. At the same time, it is important to give the user the opportunity to independently manage notifications - turn on some and turn off others. This approach would be appropriate for developing a business application.

I am sure that this article will help you increase your knowledge in this area and it will be useful for you