A wetsuit seems like a rather simple piece of equipment to take care of, which is true, if you take proper care of it that is. At the same time, it’ also important to wash & store a wetsuit correctly. As it will help to maintain the wetsuit’s quality and function for as long as possible. The best way to prolong your wetsuit’s life is by cleaning and washing it every time you use it.


Don’t wash your wetsuit with Hot Water

Neoprene expands in hot water and loses some of the flexibility, so it is best not to soak your wetsuit in hot water when rinsing it off after use. Many Scuba Divers after a cold water dive jump straight into a hot shower with their wetsuits on, which can drastically reduce the life of your suit. Resist the urge and take off that wetsuit before you shower.

Drip Dry in the Shadow

When considering how to wash it also remember, as mentioned, how to dry a wetsuit. Heat affects the neoprene so it is not a good idea to let it dry in the hot sun either. Instead, fold your suit over a padded hanger or leave it laid out flat to dry in the shade.

Dry the inside first (inside out) after the wetsuit wash, before you dry the outer layer. This is especially helpful when doing several dives a day since a dry wetsuit inner layer is easier to put back than one that is still wet.


Don’t use Bleach
You should never use bleach on your wetsuit, it will attack the neoprene causing it to fade and lose its flexibility. Once again we know how tempting it is to tip in that cap full of bleach into that bucket, to try and get rid of that funky smell. Try using commercially available wetsuit shampoos that are designed to be friendly with the fabric.