As a professional Swimming Accessories manufacturer China, we would like to share the 5 best pool toy for 2023 to you.


1.Paddle Ball Set

They are made with 2 pieces paddles and 1 piece ball. perfect outdoor sport balls game toys for boys girls kids, make more fun with adults, playing with a team is better than playing alone. The paddle catch games toy is good for socialization plays, promote interaction and improve the relationship between players. keep kids active and improve eye-hand coordination ability and enhance physical health.


2.Beach Ball

A Neo-Splash beach ball is an inflatable ball for beach and water games. Their large size and light weight require little effort to propel them. Beach ball sports include water polo and volleyball. While they are much less expensive than the balls used in professional sports, they are also much less durable, as most of them are made of soft plastic.

3.Flying discs

Flying discs are suitable to be played in most of the open outdoor places. The common occasion is beaches, football playground, lawns, park, etc. The most popular disc games are Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf. Easy to play, simple rule, it is a good choice to pick up an outdoor activities. Soft EVA flying disc, less pain and full of fun.

4.Bounce Ball

Bouncing a ball is a good way to get some exercise. Besides, it can improve your hand-eye coordination, balance, and develop motor skills. Players must enjoy throwing and catching the bounce ball with its light weight and soft tactile. With a bounce ball, you can challenge yourself to different bouncing games and tricks, making your workout more fun and engaging.

5.Neoprene Dive Buddies

Playing neoprene dive buddies is a great way of getting children active and getting them comfortable in water. Practising your diving and underwater skills with these fun colourful animals.  

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