If it’s raining, you still must present up for the test, or the price is lost. Must be aged 18 or above; have failed the personal car or light goods car or bike road take a look at before; and intend to use for retaking the failed half. The driving takes a look at cancellation service is a unique service.


We verify every three seconds; other websites verify every 5 minutes, which means they will miss out on discovering cancellation dates that you could also be trying to find. You’ll also have the opportunity at this point to make recognized another further help you may have, such as support for those with hearing or reading difficulties.

Provisional License

You’ll next need to select the speculation test center, the place you would like to sit your take a look at. The road check typically takes about 20 to 30 minutes. To choose this, enter your postcode to find the check centers nearest to you. You will also need your driving license number, which you’ll find online 5 of your provisional license.


After deciding on the type of idea, look at it you want to select the language you would like to sit your check-in. We frequently get calls from learners telling us that different websites and apps have stored them waiting for weeks and weeks and not found any driving test cancellations for them. When they’ve notified them that a driving test cancellation has come up, it is gone once they log in to book.

Final Things to Consider

To get begun, you’ll need your provisional license and your financial institution card handy. After filling in these details, you might want to enter your start date to complete logging into the service. For a driving test to be canceled due to these conditions, rain or fog will have to be heavy.

Once you have logged in, you need to pick the concept test you want to take a seat on. If it isn’t what you’re looking for, there is no need to reply. Appointment slots are limited to those invited to ebook a driving take look at, so we will send electronic mail to you immediately when we attain your application within the queue.