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You know how it goes - in H&M you might be a size 14 but in Primark it’s an 18 (or vice versa). So what is up with women’s clothes sizes? It’s not just in the UK, the US have the same problem as us... and it all boils down to vanity sizing.

What is vanity sizing? In short, it’s a marketing tool. Clothing companies wanted to compliment shoppers by reducing the sizes to make women feel they’re a size or two smaller than they really were. Well, it was a marketing tool but apparently it isn’t used as much today with the advent of ‘plus size’ outlets such as Evans and Curvissa.

But this meant clothing designers started to set their own definitions of sizes - just take a look at this info from The New York Times. A pair of Dolce and Gabbana trousers with a 31 inch waist is actually 26 inches for a pair of Banana Republic trousers - that’s five inches of extra cloth between the two!


Why is this considered a problem? Part of it is waste. A lot of us shop for clothes online and 40% of us have to return clothes because they don’t fit. At GFW Clothing the return rate for a different size is 7%. It’s all because there are different clothing shapes available, as well as sizes. Not all women are the Marilyn Monroe hourglass shape (but that’s great if you are!) - there isn’t a single defined shape for a woman. For example, we’ve got 7 different sizes to pair with 3 body shapes, and because there is no uniform ‘size 14’ we created our own size numbering system. Sure, there are way more than 3 body types, but the concept can make a big splash in the clothing ocean!

Sizing has changed so much over the years. In the 50s a UK waist size 8 would be a size 12 today, while a 38 inch bust is now a 44 inch bust. Is it because we’re just getting bigger as a population? Well, yes and no. Clothing sizes have changed dramatically at both ends of the spectrum.

In the mid noughties, you probably remember the huge campaign against ‘Size Zero,’ the US equivalent of a UK size 4. Luisel Ramos, a size zero model, died from anorexia in 2006. This prompted Madrid Fashion Week and the Milan Fashion Show to pull size zero models from the fashion show indefinitely. A lot of fashion designers and shows have banned models with a BMI of 18 or under (the underweight category).

While this does encourage clothing manufacturers to consider that not all women fit the supermodel body type, it is risky to shame those who are ‘skinny.’ Just as we should support bigger body types, we should support those with naturally slimmer figures too. After all, there is such a thing as ‘petite size’ and the ‘tall’ in outlets such as New Look.

With this in mind, fashion retailers should treat us with respect. H&M’s biggest size is a 16 - but plenty of taller women with a healthy BMI are sometimes size 16 and above. It all depends where the fat is on your body. Surely cutting off clothing sizes halfway through the average sizing spectrum would damage a person’s body confidence? Ruth Clemens, a student shopping at H&M, tried on a pair of size 16 trousers in H&M and you can see for yourself how small they were - despite Ruth being a perfectly healthy size.

Another reason why sizing is a problem for women is a big one - expectations. We’re constantly under the magnifying glass for what we wear, whether it’s playing tennis at Wimbledon or being the Prime Minister. Who cares who ‘won the fashion face-off,’ Daily Mail?! What about reporting on the upcoming Scottish referendum or our future relations with the EU? Women are shamed, objectified and insulted for wearing almost any outfit - ranging from ‘too frumpy’ to ‘too slutty.’ It seems we can’t win and, to top it all off, we can’t find anything in the right size.

Some of you might be here to say ‘but this is a first world problem.’ Would you be calling it a first world problem if it was you who was called a ‘dyke,’ ‘slut,’ or any other degrading name on a regular basis? Tell us - what should we wear to conform and avoid harassment and name-calling? That’s why it’s very important to stand up for ourselves and ensure our clothes actually fit us in a way we find comfortable - all while expressing ourselves.Read more at: |

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nace smith

The name of Melinda McElroy's invitation and stationery design business is called Billet-Doux, which is French for sweet letter.

For 10 years, she has owned and operated the Barrington-based business. On April 19, McElroy participated in the "Fashion Show and Scholarship Luncheon," hosted by the Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce at the Biltmore Country Club in North Barrington.

The show features fashion designs from local retailers that are modeled by chamber members. For the event, McElroy, a Barrington native, worked with a friend to make a gown made of paper.

Q: How did you participate in the Fashion Show and Scholarship Luncheon?

A: By having a model in a stunning paper gown walk the runway, and it was slated as the showstopper finale. Yes, that's 100-percent paper with a cloth fabric underneath.

Q: Why did you choose paper?

A: The concept of this garment was to bring the essence of my company to life, such as in brand colors, signature materials, elements of the unexpected and just an overall fun vibe, but also mainly to inspire the lost art of sending handwritten notes. The dress' textiles are prints of my stationery with handwritten notes by Barrington women, everything from inspirational quotes to messages to their children for the future, which is what makes this piece most unique.

Q: Why do you like this show?

A: It's fun and a chance to really showcase a business in a different light. You have amateur models representing their own businesses.

Q: What is something people may not know about you?

A: As my prior volunteer work, I was a wish granter at Fairygodmother Foundation, an organization that fulfills wishes for terminally ill adults. Wishes were anything from planning vacations to creating lasting memories, or from a mom wanting her son to have a guitar, so she had peace knowing he'd have an outlet to make extra money to care for her. It was definitely a bittersweet experience.Read more at:white formal dresses | red formal dresses

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nace smith

Put away the parkas and stash the shearling. Spring has sprung, and it's time to take a look at what's happening in the fashion world. Add one or two of these trends to your wardrobe and make them your own. Start the season with this checklist:

—Off-the-shoulder tops. They just keep getting bigger and bigger. The shoulder is definitely the latest erogenous zone. Whether you show off both shoulders or just one, this is an instant update for the warm weather ahead. Off-the-shoulder peasant tops with bell sleeves will add extra fluttery panache this spring.

—Flared cropped pants. The wide leg pants are strutting into the season in ankle-baring style. In frayed denim or classic white, they will become the backbone of your spring and summer wardrobe. Pair them with platforms or ankle boots for even more style.

—Printed kimonos. What could be easier than tossing on an Asian-inspired printed kimono jacket over any or all of the above pieces? These breezy loungewear-like "robes" are go-to layering essentials that will work at the beach as well as at a cocktail party.

—Satin bombers. Another jacket that has an East meets West vibe when emblazoned with Asian appliqued designs, the new interpretation for spring is a lightened up version of the favorite leather moto-jacket. Team these bombers with filmy slip dresses and ankle boots for your next music festival.

—Flirty floral dresses. Flowers are blooming in a big way this spring, and these florals are not just the normal garden party variety. Bold and colorful, spring's latest crop of prints are making a statement especially in long maxi dresses. If you really want to stand out, go for the neon flowers.

—Soft suits. So you gotta go to work, even if you'd rather be sipping a mojito by the pool? Keep your cool at the office this spring with pant suits in slightly slouchy deconstructed silhouettes. Yes, you can loosen things up even if you're not on vacation. Brighten up your mood even more with cheerful colors that at least remind you of a tropical sunset.

—Lace tanks. Wear these lingerie-inspired camisoles on their own or under a suit to give your wardrobe a new lighter look for spring. Lacey tops also transform year-round sweaters or tailored blazers. And if you're a little more daring, try a lace bra top.

—Sporty jumpsuits. One-piece dressing at its best! For spring, the jumpsuits are jumping to attention in military looks that morph into mechanic's workwear suits. Roll up the hems and pair them with chunky sandals for day tripping then switch to sleek heels for an evening out.

—Colored denim. Blue may be an all-time favorite of most of us, but if you want to break out of the blue this spring, consider popping a colorful dose of coral, pink or green denim into your wardrobe. These sunny colors will brighten up your mood any day of the year.Read more at: | unique formal dresses

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nace smith

Having attended and performed at Coachella (who could forget that surprise dance number with sister Beyonce in 2014?) in the past, Solange is no stranger to the music festival's street-style scene. However, the fashion maven isn't one to conform to a dress code of any sort.

"Honestly I have the same philosophies about style and beauty no matter where I go, and that is to feel as authentically me and comfortable as I can be," Solange told The Hollywood Reporter.

Indeed, rather than opting for the cliche crochet crop top or flower crown, the "Cranes in the Sky" singer wore a single-sleeve navy pleated Solace London top ("I'm a huge Issey Miyake fan and this is obviously inspired [by him]," she said, referring to the designer's signature pleats) and vintage Levi's denim on Saturday while mingling at the Levi's brunch in Palm Springs. The daytime event was attended by Off-White's designer Virgil Abloh, who also did a DJ set, Emily Ratajkowski, Jamie Chung and Poppy Delevingne.

Although the performer may not follow the festival's fashion trends, she does appreciate festival-goers expressing themselves through clothes.

"What I love seeing is people communicating and emoting through fashion in their most authentic ways, whatever they are," she shared. "You see so much of that here ... It's definitely a special energy that's there, especially with it being so early in the festival season, so it definitely has its place and its impact in music, fashion and culture. It's special."

Solange, who wore a pair of silver rounded rectangle earrings, shared she's "having a major silver moment" when it comes to her accessories, citing Jennifer Fisher's designs as one of her favorites at the moment. "I shot a lot of my [music] videos in New Mexico, just that entire Georgia O'Keeffe vibe — I'm dying to see her exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. And the way in which jewelry can be minimal, impactful, strong and state-making, it's really having its place."

As for the designers she's digging at the moment, she feels connected to those who also want to make a cultural impact and communicate outside of the fashion and design realms, noting Omondi, founded by New York-based designer Recho Omondi in 2013, and Eckhaus Latta, founded by Zoe Latta and Mike Eckhaus in 2011, as the labels she finds are pushing the conversation forward.

After brunch, Solange headed to Coachella in a custom rosy-red lace jumpsuit by U.S.-born, Rome-raised designer Kim Shui. Red hot, indeed.Read more |

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nace smith

Lesley and Ewan Shannon were chosen at random from more than 100 entries to win two tickets to a Great Gatsby party, courtesy of luxury Boclair House Hotel in Bearsden.

The evening raised more than £4,000 for Glasgow-based charity Cure Crohn’s Colitis, which gives 100 per cent of all donations to 
medical research.

Ironically, Lesley and Ewan’s daughter Laura worked in reception in the 125-year-old 
Tudor Gothic house when it was the headquarters of East Dunbartonshire Council.

Sadly, Laura passed away from bowel cancer in 2013 at the tragically young age of 31 and just 29 days after she wed her childhood sweetheart Alan Connelly.

Lesley said: “I am glad they kept this beautiful building, it is a stunning hotel.”

Since Laura died, the couple have been tirelessly raising funds and awareness of bowel cancer, particularly in younger people. Laura had complained to doctors of pains for more than two years but by the time proper tests were done she was found to have stage IV bowel cancer which had spread to her liver.

Lesley said: “Doctors kept saying Laura was too young to have bowel cancer.

“Do not take no for an answer - if you feel something is wrong, get a second opinion. Unfortunately for Laura this was too late.”

The former Kirkintilloch High pupil was eventually diagnosed with bowel cancer on July 3, 2012 and underwent a gruelling chemotherapy regime at the Beatson Hospital.

Sadly, the cancer then spread to her lungs and liver.

Her heartbroken mum said: “Laura tried to hide the pain she suffered day in and day out but those closest to her know what she went through.”

Laura was initially given less than six months to live but valiantly fought on and married Alan on March 1, 2013 in a fairytale wedding at Glenskirlie Castle in Bonnybridge.

The young bride passed away less than a month later.

Lesley said: “We were so proud of our special girl and she will never be forgotten. People assume only people over 50 are susceptible to bowel cancer but I have met so many young people with it.

“I know sufferers of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are also at high risk of developing bowel cancer and the majority with these two diseases are diagnosed in their teenage years.”Read more at:elegant evening dresses | formal wear

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nace smith

The Victoria Beckham clothing range for Target is flying off the shelves, the latest high-fashion, high-street collaboration seeking to widen market appeal-even if not everyone is impressed. From Missoni for Target to Versace for H&M and Kate Moss for Topshop, designers on both sides of the Atlantic have for years promoted limited-edition collections at affordable prices as an effective marketing strategy to widen brand recognition and win over new customers. The hook-ups are beloved by style-savvy, fashion-forward shoppers whose expensive tastes are not always matched by fat wallets capable of dropping four if not five figures on a designer outfit.

“I normally don’t go overboard but this line is AAHHHMAZING! Hope u got everything u wanted!” tweeted one New York self-confessed style blogger on Monday. VB x Target marks the British designer’s first foray into the budget market, ditching the British high street to collaborate with mass US retailer Target on a women, girls and baby collection. It also marks Beckham’s first foray into children’s wear, inspired by her five-year-old daughter, the ever fashionable and oft-photographed Harper. “I am overwhelmed by your response,” tweeted the 42-year-old mother of four and wife of England football legend David on launch-day Sunday. “Thank you for your patience and sorry for any frustration!”

‘Not this’

Beckham spent weeks promoting the line, donning the clothes and dressing celebrity friends, models and actresses in the outfits. By yesterday, many of the items on her website were out of stock. Fans have salivated over the affordable prices — $6 to $70 with most pieces under $40 — in stark contrast to the four-figure dresses and three-figure tank tops from her ready-to-wear collection. And if the former pop singer herself is rail thin, known for eating little more than fish and fruit, then the collaboration has gone out of its way to cater for women from extra small to a US plus size 3X. Many online reviews have been positive from fans of a designer respected for making flattering clothes that have won over a fashion industry initially ill-disposed towards her post Spice Girls career.

Items are now being resold for profit on eBay. But in the Tribeca branch of Target in Manhattan, a neighborhood where many women can afford the real thing, there were some more discerning customers browsing the racks at lunch time. “I am a big fan of Victoria Beckham. Just not this,” said Crystal, who works in fashion and as a result did not want to give her last name.

‘Very picky’

She called the clothes matronly and criticized the fabrics, saying one loud floral dress in particular looked cheap. She loves high fashion collaborations in general, but said “the crossover didn’t translate.” “I don’t love everything which is a little disappointing,” said her friend and fashion colleague Madeleine, 29, despite finding at least one dress that she wanted to buy to try on at home. There were lace bomber jackets, black dresses and shirts with floral prints and bright bubblegum colors, as well as functional dresses with cute Peter Pan collars, all hitting stores as New York reveled in the onset of spring. “They’re good for work,” said Nathalie Mancebo, a 23-year-old IT manager and Beckham fan eagerly browsing the racks with her mom. “They’re like not expensive at all, so I like that a lot,” she added.

“I know she’s somebody’s husband,” laughed secretary Jennifer Curtis, new to Brand Beckham and picking out a frock and romper suit for her six-year-old. “We’ll see when we get home. She’s very picky,” she said. “They’re nice and soft, the only thing I don’t know about this lining.” “I do love that orange shade that she used,” agreed Tribeca resident and first time Target buyer Gemma O’Brien, who has some Beckham originals and was happy to splurge on two skirts and two tops. “It’s definitely an accessible price point,” she said. “I do like her.”Read more at:green formal dresses | purple formal dresses

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nace smith

Remember Priyanka Chopra’s first time on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, when one of Hollywood’s fave hosts went, ‘You smell fantastic!’. That had PeeCee go, ‘I wake up like this.’ The second time round, the host went, ‘You smell just as good as you look.’ And it had her going: ‘I don’t know why but most of the interviews I do in America open with that.’ To this Kimmel replied, ‘It’s probably because you smell so good!’

Now, you’d be wondering why we went on and on about Priyanka smelling so good. Why, because that is one of the reasons she’s left an impact on whoever she met. She claimed to be using a perfume by Trussardi Donna, and while we may or may not get hold of a bottle, we have got you some fantastic perfumes — that too, all homemade. Mirror caught up with three experts, who show us how to feel fresh in the hot climes.

Family of fragrance

Surrounded by innumerable perfume and attar bottles in varied colours is perfumer Ayub Attarwala. After he made us smell a green apple perfume, he started explaining about the preferable family of fragrance, “In winter we sweat less, so go for intense scents like vanilla, sandalwood, chocolate, cinnamon, etc. In summers, fragrance evaporates rapidly, so we should go for fl oral and citrus fragrances. You can start your day with citrus smells like lime, lemon, orange, pineapple and bergamot, etc to keep you energetic. After a hot day at work, enjoy smells like rose, jasmine, mogra, etc.”

Berry berry good

After making a fl oral perfume, let’s try out a fruity one called ‘The strawberry show’. Attarwala took 5gm of strawberry attar — an alcohol-free perfume made from natural extracts — and mixed it with 15ml-20ml of fragrance-free cologne, which you can get at any medical store. To get a stronger smell, add less cologne. Put the solution in a clean bottle and shake well. The perfume can be used for over a year. Once the perfume is made, smelling it is equally important. Spray it on wrist, on the back of your hand or on tissue paper. Take a moment, let fragrance come to bloom and then smell it.

Fruits, fl ower and fun

Get the best of both the worlds by making a fruity and fl oral fragrance ‘Lemon lavender’ by fragrance expert Ajita Shah. Take 3 drops of lemon essential oil and 6 drops of lavender essential oil. Mix it into 20ml of carrier oil, fi ll up an empty roll-on bottle and use it. Since you cannot use pure essential oil directly on to your skin you’ll have to blend it into carrier oil. Due to the small molecular size of essential oils, they can penetrate through the skin easily and enter the bloodstream. Almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil are good examples of carrier oils. Let it sit for 6-8 hours before doing the smell test.

Applying it right

For most of us, applying perfumes is just about spraying it all over, but there is a lot to learn. “Your fragrance doesn’t last long if you apply it on dry skin. Body lotion or oil hydrates your skin and it won’t let your fragrance evaporate,” says Drishti. Here, make sure your body lotion is unscented or has the smell from the family of your perfume. You can’t go with a spicy smelling body lotion with a rose perfume. Drishti sprays on the rose lemon tea perfume 5-7 inches away from her palms then rubs the perfume onto her hair. “Apply it on moist hair for a long lasting eff ect,” she said. She advises to spray perfume on pulse points such as neck line, knees, collarbone, etc. These spots emanate heat, which helps the fragrance to project from your skin into the air around you.

Perfume combos that go great with each other

• Rose and lavender

• Orange and cinnamon

• Lavender and coconut

• Rose and sandalwood

• Orange and coff ee

• Vanilla and berry

• Lemon grass and basil

• Jasmine and geranium


It was smelling roses as we entered the house of 20-year-old entrepreneur Drishti Shah, who was busy plucking rose petals as a pot of hot green tea lay on the table. And immediately know it is going to be fun preparing ‘Rose green tea perfume’. All you need are rose petals, green tea, rose oil essential, and any other flavoured essential oils you like. Take petals of 4-5 roses and soak them in half a cup of water.

Keep aside for 5 minutes, take out and crush the soaked petals. You will have pink pleasant liquid, in which you need to add 5-6 drops of rose essentials. Mix well and add 10ml of green tea into it. Pour it into a bottle and shake well. You can also add a few rose petals into it. This perfume can be used for a month and will last for around 6 hours once applied.Read more at:plus size formal dresses australia | cheap formal dresses australia

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nace smith

South African government approved R4.9 billion and disbursed more than R3.1 billion in its clothing and textiles sector to create and save jobs till the last financial year through the department of trade and industry. The funds were disbursed through the Production Incentives Programme within the Clothing and Textiles Competitiveness Programme (CTCP).

This was stated by minister of trade and industry Dr Rob Davies at the first clothing manufacturing industry sector summit hosted in Durban by the National Bargaining Council for the Clothing Manufacturing Industry (NBCCMI).

According to Davies, a number of companies who qualified and drew from both the programmes were able to save 81,252 jobs and create 9,672 additional jobs. The net new jobs grew by 4,785 till the last financial year from the inception of the CTCP.

This indicated that these were significantly labour-absorbing sectors and the government needed to create more opportunities in these to keep them sustainable, Davies noted.

"The issue of rebates in the clothing and textile sector is still a burning issue within the industry, and part of the government's plan is still to tighten control of imports and the raising of tariffs to the maximum boundary like we did in the beginning when we were revamping the whole industry. The whole value chain must still be involved in the sector going forward," said Davies.

The minister added that localisation in every sector would no longer be an option. Once designation had been translated into a practice note by the national treasury, it would be an obligation that public entities buy locally produced goods, he said.

"Whatever is needed to be done to protect the industry, it must be done, but it should be in the interest of industry development and to improve local supplier base. We want to see consequences for those who do not want to implement localisation and empowerment," he said and urged delegates to start a dialogue with retailers and manufacturers around local production and not abandon the issues of empowerment and transformation.Read more at:

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nace smith

Savile Row tailor Kathryn Sargent has launched a style service at the InterContinental London Park Lane Hotel that includes a guide on dressing for big spring and summer events such as Ascot, Henley, Wimbledon and the Chelsea Flower Show.

Not surprisingly, her advice skews toward tailored clothing for men and women.

“With traditional events such as those of the British ‘season’ — and those further afield — it’s important to know that you’re dressed impeccably to have the best experience. I wanted to create a contemporary but luxurious guide to getting it right and feeling connected with local culture wherever you have traveled from,” she said.

Sargent has dressed a range of figures from royals and politicians to celebrities such as David Beckham. She honed her skills for 15 years working her way up the ranks at Gieves & Hawkes before launching her eponymous bespoke label in 2012. Sargent was also the first woman to become a head cutter in 2009 and broke the British tailoring mold last spring as the first female to set up shop on London’s Savile Row, where she now has two stores.

The InterContinental will also offer an in-room tailoring service that includes a consultation for guests who have booked a suite.

According to Sargent’s guide, Wimbledon has been more informal of late, compared with previous years. She suggests a lightweight suit or blazer for men with a tie and a white shirt. She says men should accessorize with a pocket square and avoid stripes in their suiting. Women need a well-tailored jacket over a dress or trousers. She warns that hats are not a good idea in case they block the view of the courts.

For Ascot, Sargent says a well-tailored black morning coat, with gray-and-black striped trousers, will do the trick. They need to be worn with a pastel waistcoat and a tie with a Windsor knot. Women should wear a tailored jacket with a dress, or a trouser suit. Hats, instead of fascinators, should be worn.Read more at: | pink formal dresses

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nace smith

Young designers and fashion graduates were given a chance to show off their creations at last week’s Bangkok International Fashion Week 2017”.

Siam Center provided the runway for the new talents, who included Kanapot Anusorn, and Vinn Chokkhatiwat and Patararin Pongprasit, co-founders of Vinnpatararin. They were joined by students from eight leading universities for a show that won praise and widespread acclaim.

Kanapot presented “Sail Away”, a collection, inspired by the heavily tattooed Captain Elvy. The collection mixes the cultures, traditional art, new lands, creatures and even captain’s girlfriend. Combining a variety of materials, the outfits boasted patchwork, embroidered flowers and sequins.

The design duo at Vinnapatararin presented a luxury street-smart collection that boasted original, cutting-edge ideas and inspired by Postmodern-age handicrafts. Interesting graphic patterns combined modernity and traditional methods.

Another fashion show, Runway Road Fashion Show No 2 Curated by Jitsing Somboon, showcased the creations by fourth-year students from Chulalongkorn, Thammasat, Srinakharinwirot, Kasetsart, Silpakorn, Bangkok, Rangsit and Suan Sunandha Rajabhat universities. This fashion show featured a range of collections created by the 20 students during their third-year of study.

FASH by Srinakharinwirot University presented 14 collections by third-year students majoring in Fashion Design for Visual Design. Their works developed Thai wisdom into clothes with a creative and contemporary design.Read more | cheap formal dresses australia

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