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Glassdoor is one of the most popular resources among jobseekers which they actively use for reviewing company sites. In fact, 62% of job hunters say their opinion of a company improves after seeing an employer respond to a review, according to a Glassdoor U.S. Site Survey. It also stated that the average candidate reads about six Glassdoor reviews of a company, before forming their opinion on the same.

Glassdoor, in its own blog, have suggested some pro tips for responding to reviews which include responding promptly, welcoming all feedback, addressing specific comments, amplifying the positive and requesting more honest reviews from your employees. The post advised companies to assign a specific person to respond to reviews such as CEO, HR, PR, marketing professional or anyone at the company who is in a position to speak on your behalf.

To this end, here’s how you can respond positively to a negative Glassdoor review and turn it around for both your company and alleviate the doubts of future candidates.

1.  Be Professional & Acknowledge the review:


Responding to the reviews whether it is positive or negative shows that you care. According to a report, 71% of consumers who experience a quick & effective brand response on social media are likely to recommend that brand to others. The company should acknowledge each review and respond as quickly as possible.


2.  Say “Thank You”


Saying “Thank You” shows that the organization is tuning in. Be sympathetic to their concern, and be grateful that they have actually spent time to let you know what think isn’t working. 83% of organizations suffer from a shortage in recognition according to a recent Bersin Study. 

 Thanking for the feedback shows that you’re gracious, you care about their issue, and that you are willing to engage in order to put it right.


3.  When Responding to Criticism, be Direct & Positive


When responding to criticism, be sure that you are addressing the issue and explain how the organization is planning to address the each point you made. In this scenario, if possible, the respond should come from the Company CEO. It will demonstrate the seriousness that the company places in addressing concerns and in solving them.


4.  Address Specific Issue


Acknowledge the main issues that reviewers are raising and then go on to explain how you intend to solve the issue or what you are already doing to rectify it. The more detail you can give, the better. You can check the pros and cons in the employer centre to determine that specific issue. Bad reviews provide the opportunity for the authencity.


5.  Be Authentic


Organization should respond to each and every review individually and honestly as that is the only way to be authentic and people respect authenticity. It means don’t repeat, don’t use canned response when addressing a negative review on Glassdoor. 61% of employees say new job realities differ from expectations set during the interview process, according to Glassdoor report.


6.  Think About Target Audience


While responding to any review on Glassdoor think about your target audience also that is who do you really want to influence with this response? Current Employees? Future Employees?


7.  Utilize Reviews to Fix Problems


Many organizations have learned a lot from review feedback and uncovered issues with which they are previously unaware. These Employer Reactions have gone a long way to showcasing why those companies are great work enviornment and finally have attracted better talent. People need to work at a company that listens and cares.

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