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The professional must address the firmware issues and capture the SID protected folders. They must resolve the resolve driver or problems arising in Linux bootable disk. The professional must be able to recover the Linux Data and Mac OS X Data. The executive must utilize file format recognition tools.

It is their responsibility to analyze and diagnose the clicking noised in hard drives. They should take care of the head stack replacement in hard disks. The professional must look into the hard disk P-List and G-List recovery. They have to address and analyze any issues related to data loss. The professionals are capable of clearing passwords on a password protected the hard drive.

They should diagnose the physical recovery of drives and must have a proper understanding of how to unlock the actuator of a drive. The professional should take charge of the single and multi-platter swaps. They should be a part of the head assembly replacement.

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Network technicians excel in fixing problems related to computer networks. They focus on customer satisfaction and resolve the issues to the best of their knowledge. Technicians also take care of the implementation, maintenance, operation, and optimization of computer hardware and software products.

It is a must for them to have excellent written and verbal communication skills, and as also sound analytical and problem-solving skills.

The general responsibilities of computer network technicians are to troubleshoot technical issues of end users. The entry-level network technician is often a starting point for a network engineer.

  • Advanced troubleshooting and network optimization.
  • Installing, testing, monitoring and maintaining telecom and other related equipment
  • Executing testing and assessing procedures on network equipment as per standards.
  • Carrying out fiber splicing and termination.
  • Monitoring network regularly and resolving issues related to network transmissions and connectivity.

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The professionals should work with different complex software platforms. They have to provide all the necessary support to the field personnel and must recognize current and potential field problems. It is the Dispatch Technician who handles internal and external customers with utmost care and professionalism. The technician will reschedule and reassign work assignments as per the requirement.

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ravi teja

The Outside Plant Engineer provides immediate assistance to clients when issues arise. For example, if a climatic problem exists, they ensure that all of the new installations are in place and that system productivity is not affected.

The OSP Engineer is responsible for designing detailed engineering plans, costs and schedules related to the projects. The professional provides engineering guidance about telecommunication issues. They have to make sure that the infrastructure is installed properly to take care of the communication needs. It is the responsibility of the Outside Plant Engineer to get the necessary fiber cable storage, termination and access equipment. The engineers have to maintain a record of all the splicing requirements.

The engineer should be able to monitor and manage the fiber splicing. They have to evaluate and approve the installed fiber test characteristics. The professional will coordinate with the concerned departments regarding fiber cable maintenance and repair activities. The OSP Engineer will examine the as-build plans and test results. They should have an in-depth understanding of outside plant facilities such as cable sizing, cable counts, and cable records. The professionals will look into the drawings of all underground and above ground elements and proposed work.

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shashi teja
The Telecommunications technician must take of gathering equipment, supplies, materials, and tools. The professional will be responsible for performing detailed equipment engineering for any new networks. They have to install, configure and obtain all the necessary management approvals. The professional will provide technical assistance to network projects, Telecommunication systems and process.

Juniper Networks Certified Associate - Junos (JNCIA-Junos)

Juniper Networks Certified Associate certification is designed for experienced networking professionals. It is important for the individual to have good knowledge of Juniper Networks Junos OS, networking fundamentals, and basic internet routing. The key components of the certification are Junos OS fundamentals, user interface options, Junos basic configuration, operational monitoring and maintenance, routing fundamentals, and routing policy, Class of Service, and networking fundamentals.


According to, the Telecommunications Implementation Network Technician Salary ranges from approximately $38,167 per year for Entry Level Technician to $124,535 per year for Network Architect. As per, on an average, the Telecommunications Implementation Network Technician earns about $18 to $23 on an hourly basis in the United States.

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Most of the systems administration experts get a professional certification which can give them a benefit over other candidates in their job exploration. The key IT certification assessments are through Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, and Redhat.

Most of these test the candidate's skills in regards to the administration of UNIX or Windows servers, together with knowledge of RAID (redundant array of independent disks), computer recovery, command-line tools, and troubleshooting faulty networks.

The Server Administrators usually need at least an associate's degree in an allied field. They may be required to get specific certification for the software or system they manage.

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment chances for network and computer systems administrators are likely to grow 8% from 2014-2024, which is about average growth. Options will be many for those with a blend of education, specialized experience, and skilled certifications.

An Exchange Server Administrator is accountable for replying to the client’s queries for services. The Microsoft Exchange administrators are answerable for standardizing the tasks through the multiple accounts within a group while providing a knowledge transmission, also training the subordinates in the department. The administrator also creates different documents which in turn will help the team to refer in future for their resolutions.

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A DHCP server allots a dynamic IP number. The DHCP server has a group of IP addresses which can serve the purpose. It provides IP addresses to systems linked to the internet as they are connected to the network. These IP addresses are providing temporary in nature (this is why it is termed as dynamic), and this provisional period is identified as a lease. After some time the system should renew its lease, and possibly acquire a different IP address. The DHCP server confirms that no two system has a similar IP address, therefore prevents the conflict of data communication.

Generally, Windows has a built-in DHCP server which is more than required for different uses. One can allocate system’s static IP addresses, but this is typically needless stress for almost all minor networks unless the server requires to be reachable to the external network (for example the global internet rather than the organizational intranet). At times DHCP servers are built into switches, firewalls, and routers of the communication systems.

DHCP is a server protocol which by default assigns an IP host with its address and additional linked configuration statistics such as the subnet mask and default gateway.
Hence, they help to automate the entire process of dynamic gateways centrally

DHCP delivers a programmed mode to allocate and update IP numbers along with other configuration data on a network. The DHCP server delivers this statistics to a DHCP client through the interchange of a chain of information, called as the DHCP conversation or the DHCP transaction. Let’s assume that if the DHCP server and DHCP clients are positioned on unrelated subnets, a DHCP relay agent is used to simplify the transaction.

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The professional reviews the engineering drawings and suggests changes wherever necessary. They frequently go on field checks to keep track of the working condition of the equipment. The Relay Tester will work with the other departments or manufacturer to repair and replace any defective equipment. They take the responsibility to direct, test, adjust, or maintain special equipment.

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shashi teja

Juniper Engineers should return material authorizations (RMAs) and monitor and trail open trouble tickets. They should aid in tracing and network inventory asset management.  

They will also fix equipment and network issues, analyze operating software’s patches and fixes and see to it that they are implemented and operating as they should in the pre-production test network as well as in live network as per implementation plans, conduct technology workshops with the client to thresh out network and equipment problems, to provide updates of case statuses, including understanding why any of the problems occurred and the solutions that are being trailed, help continuously in efforts to arrive at best practice policies for product applications of Juniper used by the client, provide implementation guidance to make sure that deployments are in sync with design specifications, boost network performance by using extensive experience in the industry, and to partner with peers to perform similar roles in order to learn so that it will help them mitigate risks linked with the network modifications or significant upgrades of network.

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Usually, professionals taking up this job should have prior experience in a technical support role or a junior engineer role. It is advisable to understand what an SD WAN engineer does before taking on the role is useful. With more companies adopting cloud technology, the need for Silver Peak SDWAN Engineers is only going to increase, so future looks good for anyone on this career path.

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