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Ten years of ups and downs in World of Warcraft 3

Mists of PandariaIn September 2012, "Mists of Pandaria" swept the world, bringing a new direction for World of Warcraft. A complete island not only emerges out of thin air, but also seems to be the beginning of a new route for the tribe and alliance. Of course, the whole war was going on, and Garrosh did terrible things. Jaina, who used to fight for peace, now fights for WOW Classic Gold, but still hopes to win. Anduin began to have his own style, no longer a child as before. In addition, Varian has shown some signs and he has matured a bit.

One of the core themes of Mists of Pandaria is that a person's emotions can be expressed in the real world, causing real trouble for people. This forces the tribes and alliances to step back and think about why they are fighting, and what it means to fight. Especially when they defeated Garrosh together, then Vol’jin became the new leader of the tribe. At that time, it was felt that the situation between the two factions might change. There is no doubt that Woking will become the greatest sheikh in history and will always maintain peace.
"Mists of Pandaria" also brought the first round of short films, which we are all used to. The expansion tells the story of the last Pandaria emperor before Pandaria was shrouded in clouds. Of course, the short knowledge video is presented outside the game, which is thrilling for some people. However, these are carefully crafted and tell a fascinating story that indirectly advances the storyline we experience in the game. These are not things I look for from the WoW team, but when I see them, I just want them to continue making these things. In fact, every expansion film since "Mist" has had short films, and at this point, there are also expected to be short films, which shows that people's acceptance of the story is very large.
In terms of changes to the gaming system, the biggest and most influential change is the radical change in the talent tree that came with the fog and the decline in Vanilla WOW Gold revenue. The talent tree has been completely removed and replaced with a layered talent with three options per line, similar to what we have now. With these changes, some talents have become benchmarks, while others have disappeared. The main problem with previous talent trees is that they often give the illusion of choice. There is almost always a right choice and a wrong choice, and there is very little reason to expand, especially when you are doing end-of-game content. The purpose of the new level is to provide more choices and give players talent. This may be useful for one boss, but different options for different bosses. This method is long-term effective. Sometimes, I adjust my talents according to the boss. Unfortunately, a "right" choice still exists in most cases.

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Tales of Warsong Gulch

You will get some of the most amazing surprises in PVP mode, Vanilla WOW Gold and the biggest laughter, most of which happen on the battlefield. There are more Warsong Gorges than others. Its simple "capture the flag" mode and open layout often seem to have evolved into a lively chaos in several front lines.

The same is true in the retail version of World of Warcraft. It seems that Warsong Canyon is always the perfect way, it is never in need of repair. The battlefield has hardly changed in 15 years, but it is still one of the most popular battlefields.

Are We There, Yeti?

In this quest chain, you will meet a friend named Umi Rumplesnicker who wants to tease her friend. She and one of her teasing targets live in Everlook ... uh, friends, but you have to go to Tanaris and Ngoro Crater to find others.

After you did a few missions for Umi involving yets, she told you that she had set up a mechanical mission, and she wanted to use it to give her partner a monster for teasing purposes. When you let this beautified furbie run around, it's fun to watch the half-orcs yelling while running.

Dungeon Guides

This task can be fun or funny. It mainly depends on who you are teasing. Every player needs World of Warcraft Classic Gold in the game. People have some clever ideas on how to make gold. If you have a higher level of toon, you can pay to run lower level characters through the dungeon.

Not only can it bring money, experience, and resources, it can also bring a lot of fun and often make people laugh. You can lead your team like a guide, provide its legend and history when you destroy the dungeon, or let the hunter and warlock pets release everything for free.

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Earthslag Shoulders

Whether it truly is another game and the original World of Warcraft, you'll find definitely some errors. These errors were later corrected because the game was updated. One with the wrong projects is Earthslag Shoulders. For league players, insect activity . good opportunity. However, with the tribe, it is probably the most useless project and may even turned into a retrogressive design. This is because the Paladin could be the only healer that can wear plate armor, this also class just isn't available to the Horde, this equipment can't be equipped by any sane knight.

Red Defias Mask

A rogue without having a Red Defias Mask is just not a good rogue hanging around. This product deserves a place on this list because doing so enjoys very high popularity, although it's as useless as gear. They should be born particularly for hooliganism. Defias masks are prepared for hooligan use and provide any armor or attributes. Interestingly, the hooligan will in the end spend hours grinding away Deadmines to be, mainly because it gives the assassin an exceptional look. Now, due to Metamorphosis, that has become more useful because its appearance may be transferred to some other item-it's easier to provide some attributes. Now after you purchase Cheap WOW Classic Gold at ZZWOW, get ready to enjoy fast delivery, secure transactions, the cheapest price, and also the chance to get surprise gifts.

Soap over a Rope

Soap using a Rope includes a more unique accessory. Like other pursuits in the list, it won't provide any attributes or armor in any respect. Printing about the project also didn't often make much sense. In Shattrath, you can purchase this item from an NPC the Griffa for 1 Vanilla WOW Gold. The Griffa appears to be a scammer who sells useless circumstances to get way too many coins.

Spire with the Stoneshaper

You desire exploring in Blackrock Depths while using Warlock, and seeing an incredible and rare rod, its intelligence has dropped a good deal, but read what has use effect is really abominable that it's actually Useless. The system will automatically freeze your character for 10-seconds and prevent from using spells to fight. why? To gain a thousand armor gain, you'll be able to give you extra seconds to observe the enemy kill your character, not able to move.

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The game of World of Warcraft was launched in 2004. That year, Facebook has just been established. It has been 15 years since today, and 15 years have changed countless things, but players still love this game. "I am already more than ten years old when I just played this game. But in the nostalgic service, I can still find the feeling that year. World Of Warcraft should be the one that affects me the most game." The World of Warcraft nostalgia that was re-launched today is no different from 15 years ago. Blizzard finally decided to make a nostalgic suit, which was influenced by the strong will of the players. The launch of the nostalgic service comes from the real needs of the players. GameMS is a game props dealer with more than 10 years of history. We have grown up with World of Warcraft and love this game. For World Of Warcraft Classic Gold trading, please pay attention to us.

World Of Warcraft Classic has such a huge appeal to players. The main reason is that World of Warcraft is not only an MMO game, it also builds a great social place, famous for the long-lasting friendship between players, a harmonious and friendly community environment. In the World Of Warcraft Classic also gained inheritance. At first, Blizzard's positioning of World Of Warcraft Classic is to give old players a chance to go online and experience the game world of the past.

As a supplement to the current World of Warcraft, the main user group is like old players, so it is speculated that the user group will remain in a normal range, but the classic is unexpectedly hot, many players queued into the server, and later Blizzard took emergency measures to increase the server. The queuing situation was alleviated, and the number of players in the game is also full. A large number of players are pouring in at the same time. There are more players, fewer monsters, and the task monsters are not enough for everyone. Players are spontaneously queuing and doing tasks in order, which is wonderful. Although the current situation has been somewhat relieved, but you still need to spend a lot of time to get in-game resources, GameMS is committed to helping you optimize the game time, Buy WoW Classic Gold, WOW Classic Boosting, When you need it, you can choose us.

World Of Warcraft Classic is a wonderful experience, expecting Blizzard to make World of Warcraft classics more interesting and harmonious.
Today, it should be a huge good news for Blizzard. People know that everyone likes World Of Warcraft Classic very much, but everyone doesn't know how much people are crazy about this game. The whole server is queued when the game is just announced. I can feel the love of this game, and today there is a new news coming. SuperData, a game subscription service data analysis company, disclosed that the number of World Of Warcraft Classic subscribers increased by 223% in August. It can be seen that not only those Old players re-subscribe, new users also have great enthusiasm for this game, the new user's participation is a thing that makes players and developers very happy, News provided by GameMS, professional Classic WoW Gold service Provider, if you want to make a big difference in the game, I suggest you browse this store.

This news should make Blizzard excited, Blizzard was troubled by various problems before the release of World Of Warcraft Classic. Players were suspicious of the innovation and operational capabilities of this outstanding game development company. The release of World Of Warcraft Classic changed everyone's. The image also promoted the rise of Blizzard's stock price, showing people's great confidence in Blizzard. No one would have thought that a 15-year old game would shine like this, continuing the previous features, World Of Warcraft Classic. You will still need a lot of time to get the spoils and upgrades, Buy WoW Classic Gold at GameMS, which can help you save most of your time and let you enjoy the game better.

Just now, it’s been a month since the release of World of Warcraft Classic. For a game, this is just the beginning. If we develop in the future, we can continue to look forward to it. According to Blizzard’s latest news, the next stage of the update may be Soon.
Blizzard has issued a statement that they have captured the suspects who launched the latest DDOS attack on World of Warcraft classic servers last week. The attack affected World of Warcraft Classic servers on 9.7 and 9.8 respectively.

After the attack was confirmed, Blizzard’s security team had begun to take action. The all-weather work was to arrest the perpetrators as soon as possible. Organize this message for you by that provides WoW Classic Gold. The incident was originally from a Reddit user. The user posted that they would attack the classic World of Warcraft server. After the attack was confirmed on 9.7, the hacker group UkDrillas claimed responsibility for the incident.

In this attack, some players were affected and could not log in to the game. This kind of attack is to guide a large number of botnets into the classic server of World of Warcraft, which leads to the situation that normal players can't log in. This seriously damages the player's game enthusiasm. Enthusiasm, to apologize, players can buy cheap Vanilla WOW Gold at GameMS website.

The Twitter account of the person who claimed to have launched the attack has been deleted, and the attacker has now been confirmed to be arrested. This is an extremely stupid act. In the United States and Europe, launching a DDOS attack is characterized as a crime and will be severely accepted. Punishment, the perpetrator will face a sentence of up to ten years.

The popularity of wow classics has caused more people to pay attention to this game, which has been around for 15 years. Nostalgia is a way that many people like, but he may be better.

In the task upgrade, wow classic's upgrade system is too monotonous, you need to gain experience through continuous boring monotonous killing method to gain experience, of course, you can also gain experience through tasks, but the experience of killing monsters is still Very bad, we may need some novel changes to be able to experience this virtual world better. There is no real functional category in wow classic. You can also purchase WoW Classic Gold at GameMS for assistance, which will be very helpful for your game progress. In wow classic, a lot of high-quality elements are concentrated together. This is a great attempt. Blizzard has rich experience and brilliant past. Perfect, unfortunately, because the difficulty of the boss is simple, so there is a lack of cooperation and play of many professional features, you only need to reach the boss position, and kill him, this makes you carefully prepared strategy Can't work.

In the wow classic, the character's equipment is always moving toward a higher ability, and the player loses the opportunity to express his or her own characteristics through the character. The characters in the virtual world cannot express their own characteristics, which is really disappointing. The last point is that players may not have the time to play wow classic. Too much real game environment leads players to spend a lot of time exploring, matching, upgrading, of course, if you like. GameMS's WOW Classic Boosting can help you save a lot of time and recommend it to you. In the current fast-paced social environment, such a game mode is too drag-and-drop, and my free time is not allowed.
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WOW classic: difficult copy

The Sun Hill is a new copy of World of Warcraft version 2.4 "Decisive Battle of the Sun" and the most advanced copy of World of Warcraft 2.4. In addition to the other components of the T6 suit, the Boss of the Sun Hill will also drop other items that exceed the quality of the Hyjal and Dark Temple, including weapons, equipment, ornaments, and more. The Sun Hill is not associated with any prestige, does not require any entry conditions, 70 can enter the copy, reset time is one week.

The entrance to the Sunwell Heights is located on the west side of the island of Quel'Danas. From Yangwan Port, turn right along the road to find the copy entrance. As a brand new 25-person copy, it can be described as dangerous. The devils of Kil'jaeden are guarding this place, and any rash attempt may make you completely annihilated. Of course, there will be many strange treasures falling here, from armor to weapons, from new T6 parts to the mysterious sun dust, provided you can conquer here. So let us briefly preview the mystery of the sun hills.

Historical overview

The sacred sun hills are located in the "Sun Hill Forest" on the island of Quel'Danas in the north of Silvermoon City. The well water of the sun hills was once filled with the power of magic, but sadly, the well water has been polluted because Arthas resurrected the activist Kel'Thuzad after the capture of Silvermoon City.

The sun hills are a reservoir of powerful magical energy that covers the entire Quel'Thalas region. It was made by a high-level elf using a bottle of holy water taken from the Well of Eternity by Illidan Stormrage.

The hidden magical power of this well provides and strengthens the high elves of Azeroth, so they built Silvermoon City nearby. As their power grew, they applied magic to the "Yongge Forest" and let them bathe in the eternal spring. The Elf Mage built the so-called "runestone" on the border of Quel'Thalas - these huge stones form a magic shield, hiding the magic of the elves behind this magic shield and escaping the best from outside the world. At the same time, they can also protect the land from aggression.

The hard-won peace of Quel'Thalas lasted for about four thousand years. Use Vanilla WOW Gold to help improve your gaming experience and extend your game time. Buy now and enjoy ultra-low prices!

In the third war, the evil death knight Alsace Menethil slaughtered tens of thousands of high elves, turned Quel'Thalas into ruins, and marched into the Sunwell. Constantly tarnishing this beautiful land.

When the undead army approached the Sunwell, a high elf named Darkan De Lahir (who would like the favor of the Lich King) helped Arthas. He weakened the magic shield around the Sunwell. Darkan's apostasy caused a magical explosion that left him unconscious and distracted most of the Sunwell's wells. Wizard Borel (he is an incarnation of Red Dragon Clay Ostras. Another incarnation of this red dragon is called Krassus, maybe everyone is more familiar with this person). He discovered the spread of magical power and succeeded. Part of the essence of these energies is transferred to a body that is disguised as a human girl: Anvina Tie. He morphed two people as Anvina's parents, let them move with Anvina to live near Tarren Mill.

Because this copy is very difficult, it takes 25 people to explore together. Up to now, there are not many players who have successfully challenged the copy in World of Warcraft. The current copy game requires skilled players to work together to restrain the enemy and win. prize. If you feel that you are very suffering, you can choose to WOW Classic Power Leveling to help you with the same paragraph, this service does not require players to do it yourself, you only need to place an order on the official website, tell us which level you need to pass, naturally There will be game masters to help you through the customs.

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Since World of Warcraft Classic was released last week, players have been spurred with full enthusiasm, and thousands of people have poured into the world of wow classic. Although Blizzard has taken some measures, it still can't alleviate the problem of players lining up. The player came up with a way to play World of Warcraft classics on the mobile phone, that is, you can log in to World of Warcraft without using a PC, and this method does not violate any Blizzard rules, although there is no official mobile version. World of Warcraft, but you can log in to wow classic via mobile, and you can go up to level 17 through the mobile, If you need WOW Classic Boosting, GameMS can help you solve it, saving you a lot of time.

Games like World of Warcraft are not very suitable for mobile, players need to use their many abilities, and there are certain restrictions on playing. So how do you run World of Warcraft on your phone?

Running wow classic on your phone requires the steam tool - steam link to connect to your steam profile via steam link. When both are on the same network, select "Other Computers" in the link option with steam link, and the PC will be steamed. Set the shortcut to wow classic, then open the steam link and select "Start Playing" so you have successfully opened wow classic on your mobile phone. Unfortunately, it can only be run with lower quality, GameMS can help you get a high-quality gaming experience with Vanilla WOW Gold.

Of course, the above steps also need some other settings. At the same time, playing wow classic on the mobile phone also takes a certain amount of time to adapt, and the mobile terminal can never get the same gaming experience as the PC. This is just to provide you with some new ideas.
Each of us hopes that good memories should come again, along with the World of Warcraft classics have successfully captured this aspect. Blizzard recently released World of Warcraft in 2004 and possesses been 10 years since today, along with the new "World of Warcraft Classic" attempts to capture some Special things - a curiosity in case you play different versions whenever they grow up, along with a nostalgic trip for people who played it many years ago, and plenty of changes have happened in 10 years. The game industry has evolved. The MMO is different. I changed. Azeroth, the fictional realm of World of Warcraft, is not really the place I want.

World of Warcraft is a multiplayer online role-playing game released by Blizzard in 2004. It made amazing achievements during that time. It made many individuals fascinated. Today, it appears back with all the memories owed to us. For those who are not informed, "World of Warcraft Classic" could be the return type of the famous MMO. There have been many modifications in the world in fifteen years. "World of Warcraft Classic" let's return to the experience version 1.2 in 2006, almost completely alternative them. Quickly upgrade yourself in the early stages of the game, you can buy WoW Classic Gold at GameMS to help you play better.

"World of Warcraft Classic", let Blizzard fill the niche area that it is not filled for an extended time. World of Warcraft players, whether it be nostalgic or merely believe that "World of Warcraft" is its top in the early days. In WoW Classic, it won't feel like this. Of course, the supreme goal is usually to reach the upper limit and finish the final game proud of a large number of people, though the task here's also value taste. The leveling process is a lot slower than retail World of Warcraft, offering you time to explore the planet and breathe the entire world.

It's also much harder because most players find it difficult to get things done independently. If you are having trouble, you can get the help you need at GameMS, where Vanilla WOW Gold is very affordable. In the first 22 degrees of my Orcish Rogue, the amount of tasks I did with normal folks far exceeded the tasks I had done throughout Legion, there were some thrilling things. I feel that I am simply a small thing about this huge world. When I explore it, there will be many individuals from all areas of life to meet.

I am not going to fight against World of Warcraft, because to be truthful, I have not played enough statements to create any statement about its status. But I do know for sure that WoW Classic could be the World of Warcraft I want to play. I don't know the time I will always play, but at least for now, it's its hooks, where there are more things than simple nostalgia.

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