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Time seemed to be flying by very fast when we were on campus. One minute we were reporting for our first semester, the next minute we were in our third year looking forward to graduation. My heart skipped a beat when I realized that the campus life was almost coming to an end. I began to remember the fun activities that my friends and I had experienced on campus. The social events that we would attend within campus were full of drama and chaos sometimes. I would pay for essay online to deal with the chaos.

Students at times would be caught having vandalized the dorm rooms with tissues and other substances such as eggs. I also recalled the way we would participate in alcohol bingeing until we would blackout in the grass or dorm rooms. At times we would be so behind in our essays that we would search for writing websites to work on them. We were willing to part with some of our allowance money as long as our assignments were completed on time. At times, we would spend all the money paying for the work done, that we would be left without a penny to buy food. During such times, we would feast on bread and water.

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Sarah Taylor
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