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Emerging from a future time, where the world has been consumed by the darkness that is the Abyss, Atlas has stepped back to what he senses as the turning point; brought into the present Realm through one of the portals that plague the Shattered Desert. The reveal trailer for Atlas, lays out the backstory of his return in the definitive style of Paladins, telling the short tale in a storybook-like fashion. While the trailer was awesome, what stuck out was the transformation to a more animated and fluid style, after Atlas entered the past. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact.

His alternate fire is called Setback, in which he shoots a ball of chronon energy. When this hits an enemy, it brings them back to where they were 4 seconds ago. On the other hand, his first ability Second Chance, allows Atlas to travel back in time to where he was and what state he was in 4 seconds ago. Second chance restores health to the highest point during the 4 seconds while in Setback, the enemy’s health will be brought to their lowest point. These 2 skills show how playing as Atlas is no easy feat as you have to be attentive of the 4 second time frame, but mastering this may give you a feeling of being a true master of time. In addition, Cheap Paladins Crystals Code is on hot sale at our website

Atlas’ ultimate ability – Exile – is quite frankly a free double or triple kill. When activated, Atlas can use his weapon to lock out enemy champions for four seconds. Affected champions cannot be interacted with in any way, by enemies or their own team.Being able to completely remove a key enemy champion from the equation for a moment is a massive power-swing in team fights. Atlas can also use Exile to save himself from imminent death when outnumbered. The only downside is that the ability seems to cap at three uses per cast. It’s not yet clear whether that’s three shots total, or three successful exiles.

Judging by this impressive skillset, Atlas is a force to be reckoned with. But he does have his vulnerabilities. At 3,500 his health pool is low for a front line champion. He also has no access to damage reduction cards and instead relies on boosted healing. This makes him very susceptible to properly timed burst damage.

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