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Personally, I really like the retail version of World of Warcraft. I'm still playing this game 15 years later, but the difficulty is confusing my family and friends. After continuous updates, I was surprised to find that the retail version of World of Warcraft has become simpler than before, the monster's anti-strike ability has become weaker than before, and the player's damage ability will become stronger with the enhancement of equipment. After using Vanilla WOW Gold, you can redeem even more powerful gear. Maybe this is a good thing for novices, but for me, I don't like the current state. But I still keep playing.

In World of Warcraft, I don't need to be busy for most tasks, because I don't need to do this. If I did this, I would use LFG to join a team, complete everything required for the task, and then quickly say "thank you", which might be the only conversation my team saw. Of course, I belong to a guild, we sometimes challenge the dungeon together, and I even have real-world friends to play with. But the instant experience may be a lonely experience, and the game is also suitable for players without this social group.

But Classic WOW is a game that relies on social relationships, and it almost forces you to find and cultivate social relationships. This is rare in today's online games, but in a time when so many electronic entertainments are focused on ease of use and allow continued isolation, this is a popular design concept. In 2019, bringing people together is a valuable goal, and the classic MMORPG design is an effective way to achieve this goal. But is this what players really want?

This is a game that requires players to work together, and players who return to the game will keep this direction in mind. If you want to be successful, you can't be a lonely person, and this should sound the alarm in your head. It is the essence of the game that many people work together to complete the task. Only then can you break through those large copy levels and get those generous rewards!

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By asfaf sgssg
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