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When can a ground attack be launched

If one player desires to launch a ground attack, one thing to pay attention to would be to communicate with the quartermaster with pigs and dogs. Only after grasping the latest situation, can the next phase, specially the Storm Spear Guard (Alliance) and the Frostwolf Tribe ( Horde) honored players.

The Alliance needs 280 Irondeep Supplies or 70 Coldtooth Supplies, plus the Horde needs 280 Coldtooth Supplies or 70 Irondeep Supplies to produce an attack. If the winning side turns into a lot of Vanilla WOW Gold, XP, epic gear, etc.

Cavalry attacks and prerequisites

After your faction has collected enough supplies, players from each faction can launch attacks often. To do this, you should tame a lot of the creatures in Alterac Valley, after which collect the fur of such beasts. After preparing to play in the above missions, you are able to launch another panic attack. If you want to file for a ground attack, greater prestigious players with the Storm Spear Guard (Alliance) and the Frostwolf Horde (tribe) should consult their camp's stable owners and provide attack orders. Both the Horde along with the Alliance must engage with Tame 25 Alterac Rams, 25 Frostwolf Hides to file for an attack.

Air strikes can also be very important

Only one air strike may be launched per match. Alliance and Horde players can rescue 3 flight commanders captured by enemy camps. By rescuing them, escorting them, and bringing them special supplies which can be dropped by enemy players and npcs, it is possible to launch air strikes on enemy forces and present your camp an enormous advantage for the battlefield.

To launch a ground attack, a prestigious player from Stormspear Guard or Frostwolf Horde should speak to an alternate flight commander of their camp and issue an episode order. There are two kinds of attack: air strikes on enemy targets about the battlefield: the lieutenant colonel personally launches a one-time attack around the enemy's main base. World of Warcraft Classic Gold may be the main target for players.

Faction leader

Finally, players from both factions can summon a robust faction leader from Alterac Valley: King with the Forest Ives (Alliance) or King of Ice Lokral (Horde).

To summon the lords of the faction, you'll want to collect a lot of resources, then escort a druid for their calling location and protect them whenever they complete the calling. If you do this, the enemy's camp could have a difficult time, simply because faction leaders work well and powerful raid bosses, they are going to attack your regional enemy players, and also enter the core part of ​​the enemy base!

Alliance needs: Ivus the Forest Lord, Storm Crystal, Arch Druid Renferal, Field of Strife.

Horde needs: Lokholar the Ice Lord, Stormpike Soldier's Blood, Primalist Thurloga, Field of Strife (South).

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