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An expansion considered by many (including myself) as the golden age of World of Warcraft may well return in the future, if this recent Q&A session with Blizzard is anything to go from.To get more news about buy wow gold shadowlands, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

The massive AMA session hosted on reddit saw Blizzard thumb through various topics, focusing on server stability at launch, player "layering," classic's idiosyncrasies, and much more. Blizzard hopes to bring up extra servers to handle the load on launch day, which could see some realms with queues several-hours long.

Additionally (and tantalizingly), players asked what Blizzard might do once it finishes rolling out Classic's content phases, which will finish with the inclusion of the Naxxramas 40-player raid.The big question is, what comes after Classic? Will Blizzard take WoW in a different direction from the retail expansions? Start re-releasing the older expansions into the game? In the AMA, Blizzard said that it'll ultimately be up to the community.

Wrath of the Lich King was WoW's third expansion, and it was the expansion where Blizzard began introducing matchmaking features like "LFD," which reduced the need to communicate and co-ordinate directly with players. The fact Blizzard recognizes that these features will prove unpopular with the Classic community bodes well if they opt to bring those expansions back. There's a real opportunity here for Blizzard to effectively recreate the game, offering a pure experience that undoes some of the more damaging things it did in later expansions.

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