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A person can apply for UK tourist visa in order to get the Indefinite Leave to Remain or the  ILR for 10 or more years in order to get a long residence in the UK. All the people around the world who have been in the UK for more than 10 years lawfully, then they can get as well as Apply for UK tourist visa.

People can get the 10 years indefinite leave to remain in the U.K. if they have the proper as well as professional knowledge of the English language. There are a few eligibility requirements of getting indefinite leave to remain in the U.K. that are required to be fulfilled. The cost of the visa is around 1000 pounds.

There are some 10 year long residence documents required in order to get the indefinite leave to remain. Have a look at them.

1. All the documents in which it is written as well as proved that the person has been living in the boundaries of the U.K. 

2. The passing result documents of the person in which it is written that the person has the sufficient knowledge of the English language in order to survive in the U.K. smoothly. 

3. The proof that shows that the person has not breached any kind of the law or regulations as well as have not done any kind of the illegal or criminal offence. 

4. The person must have an active indefinite leave to the U.K. 

5. The background of the person must be clear and there should not be any criminal case going on. 

6. The person can also use the personal relations as well as history in getting the indefinite leave to remain. 

7. The person should not be out of the boundaries of the U.K. in the last 5 years otherwise it will be a little difficult to get the ILR smoothly. 

8. The person must know as well as qualify up to the B1 level of english language proficiency. 

Here are a few 10 year long residence documents required:

1. The current Passport 

2. Any travel national ID.

3. The biometric test results

4. Passport size photographs 

5. Police registration certificate in order to check the background clearance. 

6. The financial documents of the person. The income of the person should be as per the standards and laws.

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